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video game jobs that pay well

Here we are with an honest and unbiased review of real Video Game Tester Jobs.

Do you think it is possible to make money while having fun and playing online games? Well, with today’s innovation, we can now make money while playing games. Through the use of, you can make money. You can make money for playing a game because there are several companies that hire people to be video game testers. It is one main reason why video game tester jobs became in demand and popular to people who want to make money. To be a video game tester is indeed a smart choice because it enables people to make money doing something they truly enjoy. People who do video game testing can help gaming companies to improve their products. In fact, video game testing plays vital role when it comes on the market research of big gaming companies. offers a large variety of Video Game Tester Jobs to people who want to make extra cash. We tried and we highly recommend it to people who also want to make money with their computer and an internet connection. No doubt that is considered as one of the most efficient companies that give opportunity for many people to be video game testers.

Our Background

We are people who want to make money via online. We understand well the earning money is not an easy thing. With today’s constant changes in the economical situation of the world, earning money becomes tough. So, we decided to find other ways that can help us to make money online. Just like you, we understand well the difficulty of earning money. Luckily, we found which gave us the opportunity to make money while doing things that we love to do. We love playing games. It is one main reason why we grabbed the opportunity offered by

Although we make money through being a video game tester, we highly recommend that you choose best video game tester website. There are several companies that offer video game testing jobs which are not legit. So, we know that we have the responsibility to inform other people regarding on this matter.

Please be guided that there are several online scams available today. In line with this, there’s a need for you to be vigilant when it comes on accepting offers. So, to help you out regarding on deciding whether to be a video game tester, we decided to come up with honest video game tester jobs reviews. Our honest reviews on video game jobs will help more people to know whether they should consider being video game tester.

Functionality of

We bought the program and felt happy about how works. We love features and functionality of because it enables us to make money while working and having fun at our own home. Being a video game tester, we can just sit back and relax while earning money. is a popular video game tester website that enables video game tester to try a certain game. By doing so, a video game tester can get opportunities to try and play the game. He or she will give his or her opinions regarding on his or her experience while playing the game. It gives opportunities to people to make money while playing games. gives opportunities to students, unemployed, fresh graduates and other people to make money. It basically suits to people who want to make money at the comfort of their own home. Basically, you can work using even if you only wear your pajamas.

video game tester jobs

Perks of Being a Video Game Tester

Joining will enable you to work with the unique job system of In line with this, as a video game tester will relatively enable you to acquire great benefits. Perks that you can acquire by means a video game tester are listed below:

  1. Video game testers are entitled to get payment by means of playing new and upcoming games at

  2. You can get payment from taking online surveys. There’s a chance that you can earn money ranging from $5 – $75 and more.

  3. There’s a chance of earning up to $150 per hour when you participate on different focus groups.

  4. You can get payment from trying new gaming consoles, controllers, games and other products.

  5. You can earn up to $25 per hour by means of reviewing game trailers and movies.

  6. Earn up to $30 per hour by means of reviewing upcoming games.

Facts about

We really like the fact that cares for people at different level. We can say that cares for the people because it gives 100% money back guarantee valid for 60 days to all video game testers. It greatly shows that is confident to features and job system that they offer to people.

Interested people who want to be video game testers can easily sign up to be part of the growing community. It is available for people in Singapore, Australia, India and more. We think that is an incredible program to try because it allows people to earn in a virtual and fun manner. Interested people who want to become video game testers can actually use features of and work anytime and anywhere they want.

video game jobs that pay well

All features of work via online. Signing up at is easy. It is one main reason why has several happy and satisfied clients. As a video game reviewer or tester, you can get following privileges:

  1. Get payment to review or play new games. Your opinion matters so that the company can improve their games before launching it to the public. Your review can also help them when it comes on enhancing overall functionality and game features of the game.

  2. There are instances that video game reviewer and tester can get unreleased games and new games to review and test. Eventually, you can sell these games later on which will enable you to earn more.

  3. Chances to get controllers, memory cards, consoles and other freebies after reviewing or testing a game.

  4. You can get privileges to attend different game launching, conferences, conventions and exhibits such as Japan Game Expo, E3 and more.

  5. You have the privileges to get game secrets, cheat codes and more if you are an efficient video game tester or reviewer.

Final Recommendation for the Product

So, if you are currently unemployed or you are sick of your current job then probably it is now the right to shift to a new job nature. The final decision is actually in your hands. To be a video game tester is actually now or never. You need to make your own personal judgment regarding on this matter. No doubt that being a video game tester or reviewer is considered as one the easiest ways to make money without compromising your time.

Basically, if you are a video game tester then you have the freedom to work anytime and anywhere you want. You will get payments in accordance to your outputs. Video game testing and reviewing actually exists because there are several companies that hire qualified people to review their latest video games. Feedbacks from people like you can relatively help them when it comes on seeking for game innovation. They need honest opinions from video game testers so that they can make their games entertaining and challenging for people who love playing online games.

Video game testing and reviewing is part of game development process of big gaming companies. They need this process as part of their marketing research and game development. Video game testers can earn up to $300 and up per week. Compensation that they will get may vary in accordance to the quality and quantity of their outputs.

Video game testing and reviewing is an output base job that you can consider if you are good at giving honest opinions. It is open for people who love video games. Basically, a good video game tester can only give stunning opinions if he or she is knowledgeable and well experienced when it comes on playing video games.

Reviews from Other People

earnings from video game tester jobs

Aside from our own judgment, we also include reviews from other people who are familiar with video game testing and reviewing. As of now, we found out that has more happy and satisfied video game testers and reviewers. Most of them are happy and contented with the compensation that they get at It looks like that is a legit and proven efficient video game tester website that people who want to become video game tester can rely on. cares for people who want to become video game tester. will continually seek for innovation to meet and satisfy client’s wants and needs. aims to get more qualified and competitive people who can give stunning and efficient video game reviews. Considering all the positive reviews and efficiency of, looks like that is one of the best video game tester websites that we recommend to many people who want to earn money by means of being a video game tester. Get it now!



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