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We understand that vertical jump training is very important for athletic people especially for those who love playing basketball. In line with this, we are here to give you our unbiased review about this vertical jump training program called

Our Background:

Like you, we also love doing athletic activities and we would like to inspire more people to do the same thing. We know that an ability to jump higher is an edge for every person. The ability to vertical jump is an important thing for basketball players and other athletic people. Vertical jumping is also known as the vertical leap.

It is the act of raising someone through using the concept of gravity. It involves lifting someone higher in a vertical form through the use of his or her own muscles. Vertical jumping is indeed a very explosive movement and it plays an important role when it comes to improving someone’s coordination and agility.

There are also instances that people use vertical jump as a way to measure someone’s ability to elevate jump from the standstill. Vertical jump is divided into 2 different classifications, and those are running vertical jump and vertical jumping. Running vertical jumping refers to the cat of vertical jump after running. It involves running in order to gain more energy to jump and improving the standing vertical jump.

Since there are many people who love to make their vertical jump higher, there are several scam training programs that promise to improve one’s vertical jump. In line with this, we are here to help you determine how to choose the best training program that will help you improve your vertical jump. We certainly do not want to be part of any scam artistry. It is one main reason why we gained full access to

Now, we are going to give you a critical and comprehensive review about this training program. It comes with pros and cons that you need to know so that you’ll know if it suits to you. We highly recommend you read our review about this program so that you’ll know if it can help you improve your vertical jump or not.

The Facts about

Our Rating of *****

Language: English

Cost: The Regular Cost of the Vert Shock Program is $ 134. However, there are instances where you can get the product on sale for only $ 67.

Refund Policy: The vertical jump training program features a 100% money back guarantee within 60 days. So, clients who are not happy or satisfied with the product can simply ask for a full refund.

Developed by: Adam Folker and Justin ‘’Just Fly’’ Darlington

Type of Product: Digital Product

Initial Product Impression

More people think that vertical jump is a strong edge of a person. Some people think that it is easy just like dunking a ball. Well, an impressive vertical jump makes a person more cool and flexible to perform different tasks every day. Vert Shock is actually a vertical jump training program that focuses more on increasing a person’s vertical jumping and leaping skills. No doubt that in terms of developing a vertical jump program, Vert Shock is considered one of the leading vertical jump trainings available today.

Regardless what sport you are into whether it is volleyball, soccer, football, basketball, and more, it is essential that you are fast, flexible, strong, and have the ability to jump higher. By means of using this program, you can efficiently train your muscles so that you can maximize your potential as an athlete.

Vert Shock is a popular program that comes with three parts. Each part of this vertical jump training will help you enhance your ability to jump vertically. This vertical training does not actually rely on strength training. It uses some methods that work perfectly with a person’s muscle system and will maximize your potential to jump higher.

This vertical jump program lasts for about eight weeks. At the end of the first phase, for sure, you can now jump at least three to five inches higher. At the end of the second phase, you can add at least nine to fifteen inches to your jump. The final phase of this vertical jump training talks about solidifying outcomes so that you can jump higher wherever and whenever you want and need to.

Vert Shock- A Peek Inside

Please be guided that success of this vertical jump training program may vary in accordance to a person’s abilities and skills. There are instances that one person can see desirable results on its first phase while there are other people who still cannot see results after two weeks of using the product. You do not need to become skeptical about this product. The result of this product varies because the system actually first trains your muscle fibers and the system will teach you how to utilize muscle fibers whenever and wherever you need to jump. Vert Shock comes with three phases.

Pre Vert Shock Phase

It is the initial phase of this vertical jump training program. It lasts seven days. It is important that you consider this phase because it prepares your body for certain exercises that you need to undergo on the second phase. You need to prepare your body. After this phase, you’ll get a higher chance that you can improve your vertical jump by 5 inches.

vertical jump training with vertshock

Second Phase

It is actually that most intense phase of this vertical jump training program. It lasts for about six weeks. It requires a sense of commitment and discipline so that you can go through smoothly. You will do a combination of strength training and plyometric exercises at least four times every week. You need to spend at least one hour per session. At this phase, you will learn how to properly utilize your nervous system so that you can efficiently use your energy while doing fast switch exercise and training routines without feeling exhausted.

Final Phase

This phase is actually all about teaching your muscles to respond efficiently upon your command. This phase is very important because it will teach you how to jump vertically consistently.

The Complete Package of Vert Shock

Vert Shock is a digital product that will teach you how to improve your ability to jump vertically. It comes with three workout plans such as Pre Shock, Second Shock Phase, and Post Shock. Detailed videos and its quick guide will help users to do exercises. It also comes with the Vert Tracker that will enable you to track your progress.

Pros of Vert Shock Vertical Jump Training Program

We highly recommend it for those people who want to optimize their capacity to jump higher. We think that Vert Shock is an incredible program to get if you really want to increase your ability to jump higher and more efficiently. By means of using this program, you can efficiently prepare your body to jump better and higher. This program is well designed and organized to suit beginners and experts. Getting all materials that you need to use this program is easy to do.

Buyers of this program will receive the complete package and they can see actual results easily. Using Vert Shock will also help you improve your ability to dribble. It is an important skill especially if you are a basketball player. Vert Shock will help you improve your shooting skill and defense skill. Aside from physical strength, it will also help you improve your mental toughness.

Cons of Vert Shock

There are instances that users of Vert Shock overuse this vertical jump training program to get easy and fast desirable results. This program will require users to take time and wait patiently for desirable results of this product.

Final Verdict

We totally recommend this product for people who want to improve the height of their vertical jump. It will require you to go through at least eight weeks of training, but you will be able to jump at least nine to fifteen inches higher. You do not need to buy any resources and extra products to get effective results from this product. If you are not satisfied or happy with the product’s efficiency then you can actually request for your money back guarantee within 60 days. If you really want to improve your vertical jumping abilities, you’ll love this product. To get Vert Shock Vertical training program is indeed a smart choice that will help you acquire your desired jump height.

We recommend you to try this product for the most part because it is safe and scientifically proven and tested. If you want to test and know its efficiency then you should download it now. There’s no doubt that dunking and jumping are difficult to master but through the help of this program, there’s a chance that you’ll master it in a fast and efficient manner. Vert Shock is the only jump training program that you are looking for. Take the chance and try it now, as this stunning program will definitely boost your vertical jump skill.




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