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Are you already frustrated that no woman seems to like you or you have been on multiple dates, but don’t gain successful relationships? Well, if you are in this same situation, maybe you should take advantage of dating programs.

There are dating programs available online that will help every man find the woman for them, but then again, people are still thinking that these programs are just scams and should be disregarded. This is maybe because they have already tried some, but instead of providing the expected results, they were given nightmares. Moving aside from the negative inclination of these dating programs, it is usually questioned whether they are useful or will just make things worse. One of these programs is called Unlock Her Legs.

Unlock Her Legs is one of the dating programs available, but the question is, is it reliable or worth your money? To help you arrive at a good decision, this program review is provided to reveal all the strengths and weaknesses of the said program.

The Product Details

Product Rating: 5

Product Name: Unlock Her Legs Program

Created by: Rob Judge and Bobby Rio

Cost: $79

Language: English

Type of Product: Dating Program

Refund Policy: 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

About the Creators of Unlock Her Legs

Unlock her Legs is the newest dating program definitely made for men. This program primarily focuses on the usage of what you call the “scrambler effect”, wherein it uses the advantages of manipulating the female’s psychology. The people behind this dating program are Rob Judge and Bobby Rio, dating experts who are also known for their program called “Make Small Talk Sexy” and the blog in TSB Magazine.

To give you a bit more insight on these experts, they have already worked together in their creation of the Magnetic Messaging Program mainly teaching men about texting females to promote magnetic moves. As they are truly wonderful together, they have combined their knowledge and expertise in creating a whole new dating program – Unlock Her Legs.

The name of the program – Unlock Her Legs is a little bit disturbing for some and may connote something else, but then again, we cannot make our final judgment about the program without reading its content first, right?

The creators of the program named it as such not just to be recognized, but rather to show a deeper view of knowing the psychology of females. Unlock her legs means teaching men how to unlock the girl they are interested in, and finally get a date with her, have her chase you, or even fall dramatically in love with you. Every man’s dream of getting their ideal woman is soon to happen because of this dating program.

What does Unlock Her Legs Program consist of?

Unlock Her Legs is divided into three different modules. Each module is designed to teach you a variety of dating techniques and these include the following:

  • Scrambler Effect

One of the highlights of the program is the Scrambler effect, a mind game that will make the woman you are interested in think about you and miss you even more. As the game progresses, it will soon convince the girl how madly in love she is with you. Furthermore, this will be teaching you how to make use of a wide range of specific psychological tactics including the “pattern interrupts”, “zeingarnik effect”, “unpredictable rewards”, and a lot more. A manual is also included in the program that promotes synchronized steps in succeeding through this program along with a variety of seduction weapons.

  • Seduction Weapons

The second module covers seduction weapons. These are considered extremely effective when accompanied with the “scrambler effect”, as it will help target important areas of a female’s mind.

  • The “Lust System”

This specific module will show you ways on how to properly act in front of a girl which is relatively geared on how to enhance more of the seduction aspect physically. This part will provide teachings on what you should do and what you should say when the girl you like is already near you or even gives the sign when the time is right to make your move.

Once you purchase the program, you are also given the chance of enjoying excellent bonuses, thus escalating more of your moves towards the woman you like. These include the invisible escalation, signals, pattern for magnetic effect, dirty dozen, and a lot more. A tutorial eBook is made available so that it can be downloaded from the web.

How does Unlock Her Legs’ Scrambler Effect work?

The Scrambler Effect is the bread and butter of the Unlock Her Legs program. The tricks under this technique make you a “ladies magnet” whether you approach them or not.

This effect specifically reveals secret, important ways on how to become the man of her dreams and the key factor in creating a kind of reflex called the “chase reflex.” In triggering this reflex, one should follow the basic principles. These include the following:

  • Creating uncertainty. Tips on how to create uncertainty inside a woman’s mind making her more curious about you. Focuses on balancing the power when it comes to relationships. It helps you in gaining the power you need to be the one in control of the whole relationship.

  • Getting the woman’s approval. Gives you the teachings on how to get the approval of the woman you like and be in control of her mind.

  • Building anticipation. This will make the woman anticipate every move that you make.

Is Unlock Her Legs Reliable?

They say the Unlock Her Legs program is not your ordinary dating strategy and considered as one of the best ways of improving a man’s quality of dating life. The psychological effects have been proven and at the same time have the capabilities of helping you effectively convince the woman you like to date you. Let us become more knowledgeable about its strengths and weaknesses.


  • The Unlock Her Legs program can be purchased at a cheaper price compared to other dating programs.

  • This dating program can work with a wide range of different girls whether she is a girl in school, co- worker, friend zone, and others. Moreover, there is a bigger chance of getting the girl to trust, notice, and admire you more.

  • It has the capabilities of improving the relationship’s quality and how you act around the girl you like.

  • It comes along with various bonus materials that will help enhance not just your love life, but also your sex life.


One of the disadvantages of this dating program, you should follow various kinds of materials to attain better results. The results do not happen in just one snap, but rather it takes time for you to learn all the techniques. This is not recommendable for those who are considered impatient.

The Verdict

The Unlock Her Legs Program is definitely a good way of finding a partner that will not just last for a moment, but is also capable of resulting into a long term relationship. This is a good boost in taking the relationship into a higher level. It is very beneficial to those men who want to find their dream women, not getting rejected, and even dating the hottest girl in town.

Moreover, the program helps guys who are struggling to control their relationships and even satisfy them more by improving their respective sexual activity as well as love. It brings out the confidence in you by effectively winning back your ex. The Unlock Her Legs program is definitely helpful to a lot of men who are extremely in need of dating help by becoming knowledgeable on dating and flirting secrets.

If you are asking whether this dating program is worth your investment or not, the answer is yes. This is for the reason that it comes at a very affordable price and it provides good results in a definite span of time. Once you start the program, you are already a perfect candidate of starting a newer, better dating life which you don’t expect at all.

magnetic move to unlock her legsWhat other people say about the Unlock Her Legs program?

I have been through other types of dating programs, but those didn’t satisfy me. This is the main reason why I had second thoughts of whether I wanted to give the Unlock Her Legs program a shot. So, I did. At first, I was afraid, but as I went through the whole system, it really made me more confident and helped enhance my sex life and even my relationship with the girls I am interested in.

This is very ideal and reliable. It is not pricey and can be considered worth your investment. There is no need to become uncertain about the product, but just make sure that you purchase it from its legit website. It is truly different from other dating programs I have tried, and I highly recommend the Unlock Her Legs program to those who want to get the woman they have always dreamed of.  



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