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Hello! We are about to share our unbiased review of Saleshoo to help you make the most informed decision before selling online.

My Background

We believe that online selling might be a tricky business, but with the right resource, information, and techniques, one can successfully gain more profits in this endeavor. Online selling has become one of the most common practices undertaken by millions of individuals all over the world. Many have earned fortunes, but there are still those who are struggling in this pursuit. Why? Because, they do not know exactly what to sell online or because other online sellers are already selling the same products.

There might be countless resources online that claim to help individuals sell things the easiest way and earn bigger profits from the comfort of their homes, but mind you – the cyber world is bombarded with lots of scams. It is for this reason that we took the effort of accessing this product and giving you an honest review about the features, as well as the pros and cons of this product so that you can make the most informed decision.

Facts about SaleHoo

Language:  English
Cost: $67
Refund Policy:  60-day Money Back Guarantee
Created By:  Simon Slade, an online entrepreneur and current CEO and founder of the product-sourcing online directory, Salehoo.
Type of Product: Online Product Sourcing

Initial Impression

Thousands of Amazon and eBay sellers are now using Salehoo for sourcing their products and making a full-time living. We have this genuine passion for selling things online, but we came to a point where we tired because we didn’t have a consistent source of items or merchandise available to sell. We have researched different online solutions to no avail. It wasn’t until we come across Salehoo and honestly, even at the beginning, we were blown away by how much available information and resources are contained in it to make online selling easier and more profitable. We think that Salehoo is an incredible product that unveils the secret to generating more money and getting goods at cheaper prices.

Salehoo- A Closer Glimpse

Salehoo is one of the most popular and large drop ship or wholesale directories online. It has enormous lists of suppliers, tools, and support that can help online sellers find goods that they can profitably sell online. We really like the fact that Salehoo cares for online sellers at different levels and help them find high-profit items or low cost products, as well as low-cost suppliers so sellers can make the biggest profit by selling online.

Some individuals are confused about Salehoo thinking that they sell drop ship or wholesale products to them. However, Salehoo does not really sell goods or merchandise. Instead, they sell a huge list of online directories with corresponding suppliers.

Pros of Salehoo

wholesale product at salehoo

There are plenty of wonderful things to be said about Salehoo. If you are interested in reselling, we think that a Salehoo membership is an excellent way to get started. What we really liked about it is the many benefits that you can get when you become an exclusive member like:

  • Millions of Products

From video games, tablets, and laptops to clothing, there are countless wholesale products in each and every category. We think that Salehoo is an incredible product because there are millions of products listed in one place. The last time we checked there were about 150 categories of low cost products available and we highly recommend it. You will definitely not find better services for a reasonable cost of $67 per year.

  • Legitimate Suppliers

What we really liked about Salehoo is the thousands of suppliers including wholesalers, manufacturers, liquidators, and drop shippers. To be listed in Salehoo, every supplier undergoes a strict process to reduce things like counterfeiting and scamming. We really like the fact that Salehoo has lots of suppliers who have the willingness to ship internationally. We all know that shipping internationally entails many benefits like higher profits, increased sales, and more.

  • Professional and Helpful Service

We highly recommend getting yourself a Salehoo membership because the service and the benefits we received are incredible. The staff wants to help individuals succeed in online selling. The support staff will direct individuals to different suppliers and give interested sellers ideas of they can increase their sales.

  • Little or No Startup Costs

Aside from the $ 67 membership fee, there are no other startup costs required. Additional charges will depend on where exactly you will sell your products and method of purchasing products either by drop shipping or wholesale. Purchasing wholesale products requires individuals to store the merchandise and ship these products themselves. Drop shipping, on the other hand, ships the merchandise directly to customers. Every method has its own success level and benefits. What we really like about the product is the many options made available by Salehoo.

  • Limitless Profit Potential

We personally love this part of the product because your account will not be suspended for purchasing thousands of low cost products. As a matter of fact, you can purchase as many items or products from as many suppliers as you desire. Again, we highly recommend it because Salehoo sets no limitations on the amount of profit you can generate. With this large online drop ship and wholesale directory, you have lots of profit potential.

  • Training and Research Tools

We highly recommend getting yourself a Salehoo membership because it is loaded with effective and reliable tools to help you sell a higher volume of products online. These tools will also allow you to see demands, success rates on products you are planning to sell, and average profit. Aside from research tools, Salehoo also offers extensive training. For example if you have something to sell on Amazon or eBay, through trainings, you will learn effective methods of sourcing your products and preventing scams at the same time.

  • Good Rating on Better Business Bureau

Salehoo carries an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. This good rating only signifies that customers love and trust Salehoo.

low cost products to sell on your own siteWhat is Included and who is Salehoo for?

Salehoo includes more than 8000 top suppliers from around the world who all are safe and legitimate. This also comes with interactive forums for members, a place where they can meet many other sellers, and share pieces of advice. Salehoo also includes eBay strategies, a tips center and hottest news, and the latest trends on eBay.

We really like the fact that the research and analysis lab of Salehoo works perfect in crunching numbers and determining the right products that can bring you money. Comprehensive support for customers and bonus guides are also included. Individuals can instantly gain access to experienced and real-life support staffs that will answer questions and help them find the best suppliers for them.

They can also access an exclusive newsletter series covering the basics of selling online and deciding on what products to import, as well as how to manage listings and orders. Salehoo is definitely for beginners who lack knowledge and ideas on how to find the right supplier, and are undecided on which products to sell online.

It is also suited for advanced and intermediate customers with experience in selling online, but seriously struggling to find safe and legitimate suppliers. Salehoo is also for those who are planning to branch new items, but are in need of information on which products to offer online for greater profit.

Is SaleHoo Worth Spending On?

We think that Salehoo is an incredible wholesale resource because it helps us source wholesale products with reliable drop shipping capabilities. Going into this review, we wanted to share the positive experience of utilizing Salehoo. At first, I had problems finding the right products to sell for a decent profit. I thought it was nearly impossible until I came across Salehoo and started using it. We decided to join and our life changed dramatically.

After becoming members, we can say that the membership is more like a worthy investment. Having wholesale product suppliers together in one place is not just a time saver, but a life saver. Finding the right product to sell on Salehoo is like finding the most precious gems you would have never thought of finding on your own.

If you are someone who is already successful with reselling, but still looking for additional wholesale products, we highly recommend getting yourself a Salehoo membership. This is definitely a no brainer especially with the 100% money back guarantee.

Even those who are new to reselling and looking for a means to get started will find that it’s an excellent tool to use. However, you need to keep in mind that you still need to do some work. Finding the right product may remind you of mining gold, but Salehoo will tell you exactly where to mine. However, they will not be mining for you, so you still make the effort of taking actions.

We used this product and felt relieved and contented because we finally gained access to genuine and legitimate wholesale suppliers with about 1.6 million low cost products at reasonable wholesale rates. Get it now!



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