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It is a given that there are many scams spreading online and we only want to be a part of those who want to exert some efforts on letting people find real solutions for their needs. We gained a full access look at Piano for All to determine whether the features that they were offering were legit and to tell both the positive and negative sides of the piano course that they are offering. At the end of this review, we will find out whether the course is worth trying or not.

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Cost: $39

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Created By: Robin Hall

Type of Product: Piano for All

Initial Impression

The piano course is very inviting since you are starting to think that you could really learn many things from the course in just a short amount of time. Also, it comes with a lot of eBooks and other means of learning making it a very interesting course to take.

What Pianoforall Has to Offer

One of the basic questions that you may want to know is about the method on how you learn to play the piano. Well, with taking the online course with piano for all, you get a set of specially designed interactive eBooks that will quickly take you to a complete beginners stage all the way to the intermediate level. No more setting of schedules for your daily piano lessons, as you can start playing popular rhythms as you use the eBooks from this online course.

As you take a course from the eBooks, you will learn how to master the styles and techniques like any popular and professional pianists in the mainstream today. It is true that the start is a bit challenging, but all your hard work will pay off as you get to know the advanced techniques and start sounding like a pro in the fastest way possible.

In this course, you will learn how to enhance your skills every step of the way from one genre to another. Also, you will get the opportunity of learning improvisation and creating melodies of your own. You will feel lucky that you have decided to take this course as you will not only learn the correct way to play the piano by just seeing what keys to press. As you take this piano course, you will have the knowledge of reading music and also playing through hearing.

It is given that there are many professional pianists who are able to learn playing the piano only by listening to others who play it. Eventually, as you continuously go through the course, playing different classical pieces will be an easy task for you. This will bring your skills to an all new level that you never knew was possible. It may give you the opportunity of playing whatever melodies that you want to play, like you always dreamed of.

bonus ebooks with piano for allInteractive eBooks to Guide You

There are many interactive eBooks that are included in this learn the piano course offered by ‘Piano for All’. The interactive eBooks are the following:

Party Time – Play by Ear – Rhythm Piano

This is the first book in the series and it will teach you how to play great rhythm styles on your piano as you will be provided with piano chords. In this book, you will have 10 classic pieces of party rhythms, chords for ballads, keyboard diagrams, bluffs, tricks, formulas, and many progressions in styles with classic songs. Within just a few days, you will be the soul and life of any party!

Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll

It the second book you will learn how to play some of the best piano pieces for blues and rock ‘n’ roll. The rhythms here can be recognized easily and it can be used to play over a hundred classic songs. Your friends will be surprised with how you can play some of the most popular pieces from famous artists.

Chord Magic

This 3rd book is where you will learn a lot of piano chords by using memory tricks. You will also learn some of the great progressions as you practice playing different famous songs in various styles. This will be the book that will teach you to change chords in the quickest possible ways through inversions. Also, it will come with a special chart of piano chords that will help in speeding up the process of mastering chords.

Advanced Chords Have Been Made Easy

In learning the correct way to play piano using ‘Piano for All’ will help you in learning the easiest ways of getting through the advanced part of learning the technicalities. This is the book that will take your practice progressions to a whole new level as you get to know the different popular piano songs as well. Some of the things you’ll learn here is the rhythm chart for some Beatles songs and their piano styles.

Ballad Style

This is where you will gain the knowledge of using chords that will help create great piano pieces in ballad style, and be able to apply it unto melodies with easy steps. You will learn how to improvise and be able to create your melodies in the most fun way possible. As this book ends, you will get to play terrific songs and make your music sound like you played for many years.

Jazz Piano Made Easy

In this 6th book, you can start picturing yourself playing in a smoky bar and creating cool jazz music with easy techniques. You will learn to play traditional and standard styles and then play the modern improvisation of the style. There are also many other useful things that you will learn from this book.

Advanced Blues and Fake Stride

This book will be expanding on the piano techniques for blues in addition to what you have already learned. It is where you will learn how to spice up the way you play and be able to improvise how you play with the rhythms from the 2nd book. To make this book more special, it will also teach you how to learn “fake stride” and be a terrific entertainer.

Taming the Classics

‘Piano for All’ will help you in learning to read music sheets for piano and how to be able to play by ear. This is the combination of your knowledge in chord reading, as well as the reading aids for tackling some of the best classical pieces.

Speed Learning

This last eBook will teach you how to play scales along with different exercises that could speed up your learning process. You will have fun playing piano with the things that you will learn from this book. It offers a lot of fun exercises as well as memory tricks that will make your piano course experience more interesting.

Aside from these eBooks, you will also get the opportunity of learning top piano methods with over 200 piano lessons provided on video and 500 lessons in audio that will work in just about any device that you have. No one will ever experience an easier or more convenient way of learning to play the piano, than what ‘Piano for All’ offers.

What Other People Say

There are so many people who have tried this piano course already and they have many positive things to say about the online course. In these kinds of piano lessons, no student is too young or too old to get started on playing the piano. Everyone can learn to play the piano online with ease in the comfort of their own home while enjoying everything that this course has to offer.

Why Choose Pianoforall?

You can find many reasons on why you should choose the piano lessons from ‘Piano for All.’ With the interactive eBooks, audios, and videos that are included in the course, you will find many reasons on why this course is taken by many people and gives the ease of learning with the entire course. In just a short period of time, we were surprised on how fast anyone can learn the basics and advanced techniques to move on to the next level and sound like a pro.

learn piano online


We highly recommend this piano course offered by ‘Piano for All’ as it comes with a complete set of tools that are used for teaching. It is something worth trying by anyone wanting to pursue their passion in playing the piano or keyboard. You get to learn how to play the piano, read music sheets, and even get started in creating your own unique melodies. Also, getting this piano course will help you make use of tools that will allow you to play whatever music style that you want on the piano or keyboard.

Another reason why we highly recommended this course is the fact that it is offered at an affordable price and with the unbeatable support for students directly from the professional.



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