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Hello everyone,

This will be an honest and comprehensive review of Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer.

Our Background:

We are just like the other guys out there who struggle to train and teach their dogs smart tricks and proper behavior. We dream to make others inspired and we want them to do what we did. We admit that we are making money by promoting different products but we choose to recommend only those products that we found to be very useful and have the capability to help anybody who faces a problem that can be solved by the product we are promoting.

Scams are widely available on the internet and we are against the wrong doings of people behind these things. We are not after the money, but we are about helping any person who faces a problem just like us. We want to help them solve their problems and that is why we have gone through the effort to get instant and complete access to Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer. This time, we want to give you a complete and critical review about the said program and we will outline all the pros and cons that we have discovered after our time using the system. Hopefully, you will be making the best decision for yourself as to why you should try this program to train your dog as soon as you are finished with reading this review.

The Facts about Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer

Our Rating of Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer: *****

Language: English

Cost: 3-day trial ($1), 6-months subscription ($147)

Refund Policy: 60-day money back guarantee, guaranteed by

Created By: Dan Abdelnoor aka Doggy Dan (a professional dog trainer and an animal behaviorist)

Type of Product: Online dog training course

Initial Impression

This online dog training program comes as a complete package. It contains everything that we need so that we can start training our pups in the easiest way ever. We visited its official website where everyone can watch a video to get a great idea of what this program is all about. We found Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer as a very interesting program.

Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer – A Peek Inside

Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer is an online dog training course that is specifically designed and created for puppies. This is the program wherein dog owners can leverage the training and obtain the needed knowledge and capability to mold the behavior of their puppies and new dogs. Through understanding the mental structure and the behavior of dogs, the author of this program was able to create a useful and beneficial online dog training course that will benefit any dog owner out there. We tried this program and it comes in a digital format containing all the important PDFs, tutorials, manuscripts, and videos required to teach and help you develop the skills you need to properly train your dog.

Doggy Dan, as an online dog trainer, understands the passion and interest which comes along with a canine buddy. Thus, it empowers all the homeowners with the expertise and skills they need so that they can efficiently handle their relationships with their dear pets. Hence, this product is primarily for those people who are willing to spend some of their time engaging in online dog training sessions and those who care more about their pets and treat them as a member of the family.

About the Author

Doggy Dan or Dan Abdelnoor is the author of this online dog training program who became interested in dogs at a very young age. He has even said that he will train his kids just the way he does with his dogs. We found that idea to be kind of confusing. In other words, he is a person that has that deep passion for the so called man’s best friend and he is treating these animals with caution and care just like he does to his children. His inner interest and passion in the conduct and behavior of the animals is one thing that pushed him to create and develop an online dog training program.

He was able to develop a substantial and integrative skill set in the form of a digital course. He created both exclusive and simple editions of this program. The simple edition is available through the web wherein the subscribers have access to the basics of the introduction of a new dog in the house. This also covers tips and tricks to use in shaping the mental behavior of the dog and to enable the animal to consume the norms that were advocated by your whole family. However, the other version of this program is the one that allows the pet owners to leverage the sets of complicated skills and the skills built on the good sides of the dogs and they also destroy the negative inherent of puppies.

Hence, it means that both editions of this online dog training program are carefully tailored for a more enhanced dog training program for interested dog owners.

Things Included in This Program

Aside from the previously mentioned two versions of this program, there are some other additions included in this course and Doggy Dan has completed a recommendable work to all the usher dogs in the human society. Therefore, this program has both instruction forms and manuals that are made into an electric format.

These manuals on dog training are indispensable for anyone who is eager to learn the functioning and relationship of dogs. What’s more, these manuals and electronic documents permit one to interpret and predict some behavior shown by puppies. This way, dog owners might be able to know what they should do such as visiting a veterinarian for a medical test. This online dog training program also comes with videos and tutorials.

What we really like about the Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer is that it comes with explainable videos wherein you will easily learn all the things that you, as a dog owner, should understand so that you can train your dog in the most efficient way possible.


This program comes with bonuses. The first one is the special forum access wherein you can get in touch with the author in person. The other one is video updates that you can get weekly. These videos can help you get quicker results through boosting your learning experience. Last but not the least, there is a download library where you can get downloads for free. Members who will sign up for a 6-month subscription to the program will get access to Dan’s library of downloads.

Who Can Buy/Benefit From This Product?

This program is mainly for all dog owners who dream to be the next biggest dog trainer in their neighborhood. It helps all users gain excellent dog training skills which make their dogs stand out from the crowd. This can help those dog owners who struggle to bring their new dog into another environment.

Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer program is a suitable program for you if you have suffered from the frustration and loss which comes with leaving your pet with the nearby neighbor. This training course is specifically designed for anyone who is eager to extend beyond the usual dog training skills. This training package is primarily designed for those people who are willing to extend further than the usual dog training skills. This particular program is also suitable for all dog owners who are willing to make their pets better companions.

As an owner of a puppy, you get to control educative forums online on how your pet can be trained to gain some primary human attributes. This product can help you in making your relationship with your dog healthy if you’re new in dog training or if it is your first time owning a dog.


We tried Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer and we experienced the following benefits:

  • Increased development and growth for new puppies

  • Better and improved training skills

  • Enhanced relationships between the dog owner and his or her dogs or puppies

  • Unequivocal communication skills between humans and dogs

  • It is comprehensive and it comes with a money back guarantee

  • It comes with a free trial

All of these great things made us love this program. It is not hard to use and it comes with all of the important features a user should get from using an online dog training program.


Sad to say, Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer is not an exemption to “cons”. We tried this program to learn that it requires every dog owner to be more focused and to pay more attention when training their pet if they are really serious of getting the most out of it. We can say that the program is classified as a full time educational program which may interfere with your hectic schedule when you fail to monitor it.

However, for us, those “cons” are not big issues. Every online dog trainer program that you can find today requires a user to pay more attention and concentration for best results. By managing your time, you can definitely incorporate the activities in this program into your daily schedule.

online dog trainingFinal Verdict

Doggy Dan is a great program for every aspiring dog trainer out there. It comes with everything we need, from a set of instructions, tips and tricks, to videos that will teach you how you should train your dog. We highly recommend this program to all dog owners out there who are looking for a good online dog training program. It comes with a free trial to get an instant idea of how this program works. It is cheap and it is very useful. We really love it. Get it now!



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