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This is an honest review of The Magic of Making Up, an electronic book designed by TW Jackson to help save your relationship that is nearing an end, or perhaps to help get your ex back. It is all about tips, advice, and simple guides that you can use to help get your relationship back together.

Writer’s Background

We are people who just like many others care about our relationships and want a happy relationship with our loved one. With so many people experiencing breakups or going through the troubles of losing their relationships, The Magic of Making Up is just in time. Many of these people begin trying many things to win their exes back such as books and so many other things that promise saving relationships, but this has been one of the top-selling must-reads all around the globe.

In that case, we took our time to review and discuss one of the most popular eBooks on saving relationships which is “The Magic of Making Up” by TW Jackson. In this review, we will make it a point to critically and thoroughly investigate whether or not this eBook can truly save your relationship and help get you back with your ex, or if it is just promising false hopes.

Facts on “The Magic of Making Up” by TW Jackson

Language: English

Cost: $39.00

Created by: TW Jackson

Type of Product: How to save your relationship system / Book

The Magic of Making Up

There are many people in the world that have already experienced the pain of a breakup and have gone through many troubles of trying to save their relationships. Perhaps you are one of them and right now your patience has already run out. You might think that there isn’t any way for you to change the way your lover treats you and save your precious relationship. You just had enough.

If you are reading this, you are still hoping there is the slightest chance that you can go back to the way you were before. You are hoping there is something you can do to turn back the time and have your ex back in your arms. If that is what you are hoping, we have here a review of one of the top-selling eBooks proposing to save your relationship and help get your ex back. This eBook is entitled “The Magic of Making Up” by TW Jackson

“The Magic of Making Up” by TW Jackson is an eBook that contains simple tips, advice, and guides that you can use in the hopes of getting away from the situation that your relationship is currently in. This is designed to stop heartbreaks that stem because of messy divorces, rejections, and breakups. It is said to be the saving grace of your relationship even if it is already in the most hopeless situation. According to this book, there is a way—a hope—to save your dying relationship and that will be found inside of it.

The Love Recipe

We bought this book and felt that the author has pinpointed the real cause why many relationships just fall off course. He has successfully designed a kind of love recipe that will help these couples be the perfect partner, salvage their love, and win back their lovers.

In the book, the author first highlighted some of the symptoms of an unhappy and non-idealistic relationship. The kind of relationship where you have a nagging sense grating in your gut telling you there is something wrong. A relationship wherein you become so dependent on your lover, always over-thinking how you have to act around them, what to say and what to do, and then when you get a hold of them, instead of things going your way, it becomes real ugly. It’s so ugly you can’t recognize each other anymore.

Aside from that, you also have the tendency to make the mistakes of always apologizing to them or begging them to take you back. These things just make them turn away from you and cause you to lose your self-respect. This should never be the case in a relationship and that is the sole cause why you and your ex can’t get back together. Since you don’t understand the root and you don’t know what you should do. Well, TW Jackson has the answer for you, through his very own magic love recipe you can work to get back your ex without having to beg them or sound too desperate.

TW Jackson talks about his recipe of love in his book called “The Magic of Making Up”. In the book you will find some tips and advice you need to do to avoid having your relationship ruined. It also contains things that you shouldn’t do to not push your lover away from you. Here are some of these things for you.

  • The very first thing that the author points not to do is to panic. Panicking, he said, is very damaging to any relationship, which we think is entirely true. You should not let your ex see that you are worried and that it will affect you so much. It will just push them further away from you and they will confirm your breakup.

  • Also, it is important to recognize the signs of panicking and get rid of these as quickly as possible. Those signs will soon deal you the finishing blow of your relationship if you don’t get rid of them quickly.

What you should do to reverse the signs of impending breakup? Here is your magic of making up.

  • Counter intuitive and opposite of feelings—This will be like reverse psychology. By not telling them exactly how you feel all the time, keywords were all the time, you lessen the burden they feel of having to show their love to you too, in the same way that you do. Apparently, sometimes the opposite is the best way to say what you really feel.

  • Agree with the break up…for now—Be cool and okay with the breakup for now and never do the crazy stuff that ‘obsessive’ exes do. Just let things go for now. Let your ex see that you’re doing okay and soon, they’ll realize what they let go and who they let go of—and that’s YOU.

  • In order to have a good relationship with your partner, the book also stresses that you have to take care of yourself. You need to take care of your health which is why the book includes some diet suggestions that will have you in your best frame of mind which is important to improve the relationship that you have.

magic of make upThe Instant Reconnect Technique

One of the tips that the book highlights is called the Instant Reconnect Technique. This technique utilizes the memories, moments, and experiences you had with each other. You can use it to rekindle your love for each other by reminiscing with them. You just have to find the right setting and atmosphere where you can bring back your special memories when you were still happy with each other. By reminding them of your past happy memories together, you are able to reconnect again and possibly save your relationship. In the book, you will have the full version of how it can be used and the proper timing, as well as other techniques for rekindling your lost love.


When we bought the eBook and read it, it actually made some sense to us. It speaks of real experiences and authentic advices on how you can take the reins in your relationship. We were blown away with all the valuable information included in this make up magic book. It works psychologically as it pinpoints exactly how you can influence people and have them do what you want them to do.

The book is highly recommended. It proves to be very effective and can truly help win you back your ex. However, some people may not actually like the fact that it utilizes some very unconventional and controversial tactics. These tactics can also be considered mind control and there are those people that do not conform to this kind of method. Also, it can be a bit dangerous if used by people without good intentions. If it falls into wrong hands, we certainly think that there will be more men and women miserable in their relationships.

However, we do think that “The Magic of Making Up” is actually an incredible book. We like the fact that it really cares about people and how the author just wants to share his ideas and insights on how you can deal with people, especially your loved ones. It is just that sometimes, simply saying you love a person is not enough in a relationship. The book has successfully showed a good way how sometimes being too expressive of how you feel can become a burden to your partner.

This book is wonderful though it may come across as some kind of guideline for mind control games, it will still reconnect you to people. As long as it falls into the right hands, hands of people who want to have a successful relationship not just with their partners but also with others, we highly recommend this. Get it now!




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