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language of desire

Today, we are with an honest, unbiased review of "The Language of Desire".

–The answer to having dirty and meaningful, yet happy intimate relations with your partner.–

The Language of Desire is the one and only product available on the market that teaches women about the sexual psychology of men, their secret fantasies, what makes them as they are when it comes to sex, and what women can do to make their men look at them and only them.

The Language of Desire is created by an ordinary, yet very passionate lady by the name of Felicity Keith. After she found out what her boyfriend was doing because she could not meet or understand his sexual desires and fantasies, she dared to do something that other women could not have done. That is to learn the secret fantasies of men, their sexual psychology, their secret desires, and what power women actually hold to make their men swoon at their feet and beg for their attention.

language of desire

This product was born from months and months of research, and also thrill and excitement about the discovery of truth when it comes to love and lust. The Language of Desire revealed what power women have over a man’s heart, and what she can do to have a meaningful intimate relationship with her partner. It’s all about the “secret rocket fuel of men”, the power of feminine voice, and what men emotionally seek whenever they are seeking sex.

Language of Desire talks about man’s most erogenous zone—that is his mind and his imagination. It explained why men are sometimes erotically impotent to their partners, and often seek comfort in watching porn and masturbating instead of turning to their partners. The Language of Desire reveals there is something that goes into their minds whenever they want to have sex. The system goes into detail explaining just what goes into the minds of men when they want to have sex, and why they want dirty, naughty words whispered to them during the act.

This is not like any ordinary article or manual that speaks of what women should do and not do to their men. It’s a scientific explanation of the sexual makeup of a man’s libido and a woman’s role in it. It’s all about chemistry—about dirty, wonderful words that are psychologically designed to induce a man’s mind like a drug. It’s about powerful phrases, actions, and techniques that you can use to stimulate an explosion of pleasure chemicals in his brain and make you the object of his sexual obsession.

bonus1The Language of Desire is an easy, inspiring, and transformational program that will open many doors for women and men to a whole new world of intimacy and pleasure. In this program women will learn simple techniques that will bring amazing results, thus leading them to a whole new attitude on sex, lust, and the art of seduction. The program is entirely different than others comparable to it. It is a program that will never make a woman feel like a porn star, but rather how to be proud of herself as she takes hold of her partner’s attention, making her the only woman in his eyes.

Here are some of the tried and tested techniques women can learn from The Language of Desire program:

  • The Pavlov’s Erection— It’s a technique that will stimulate a man into becoming “unreasonably turned on” and “vibrating with desire” for his woman each time an innocent phrase is whispered into his ear.

  • The Porn Destroyer phrase— It’s a phrase that women can use to turn men away from their computers and porn, to instead focus on seducing and pleasuring the woman as if she is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.

  • The Cuddle Hormone— The program teaches this technique because it will trigger a huge rush of “magic love potion” in the man’s mind. It is a technique designed to make the man feel desire for his woman so much that he’ll be shaking with it. With this technique, he’ll see his woman as the only one for him.

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    The Sexual Singularity technique—This technique utilizes a powerful word that will focus a man’s attention toward only his woman. It uses a single word that can make him feel desired and appreciated unlike what other women have made him feel.

  • The Erotic Telepathy Technique—This technique allows a woman to see beyond her man’s defenses. It allows her to see her man’s most intimate, passionate fantasies and his secret sexual desires; things that sometimes he may not know himself.

  • The Tease Intensifier—This technique is used to slowly build up the heat of a man’s lust. It is a seducement technique that will make any man fill with so much desire and lust for his woman that he’s barely even able to smile because of it.

  • The Desire Seed—Using The Language of Desire, any woman can also learn to plant a “desire seed” in her man’s mind. This seed will allow her to freely talk to her man and tell him exactly what she wants to happen in bed, so she gets her sexual fantasies met without being embarrassed. This technique will even make couples more intimate, so much that both of their desires and fantasies become one.

  • The Verbal Viagra—This technique acts like a sudden rush of adrenaline to a man’s libido in such a way that his whole body fills with sudden lust for his woman, almost as if it’s the first time they have ever met. This is a technique perfect to rekindle a lost flame of lust.

  • dirty words reviewThe Boiled Frog—This technique is perfect for women who are shy and afraid of talking dirty with a new guy. With the “Boiled Frog” technique, women will know exactly what to do to slowly turn up a man’s heat of desire, making it so every cell of his body will be aching with desire for only that woman.

  • The Lust Mirror—This is a desire technique said to be so powerful that women will also like it. It is said to create what they call a “feedback look” of desire between a man and a woman. This works in a way that the more the man is turned on, the more the woman is turned on as well; thus both of them will be aching with mutual desperation for each other.

  • The Oral Intensifier—It is said that this is not for the faint of heart. This is an erotic phrase a woman can use on a man to make him feel worshipped and adored. It’s an erotic phrase to make him feel that you need him so much that he’s willing to “slay dragons” to keep you in his life.

  • Erotic Action Movie—The “erotic action movie” teaches women how to use texts, Skype, or phone to create a “vivid emotional movie.” Every scene of this movie will be laden with what they call “feminine vulnerability” which will certainly inspire and motivate any man, while making him feel like the man that he is.

  • Invisible Chastity Belt—This technique is designed to help a couple turn up the erotic intensity between them without actually having sex. With the invisible chastity belt, both the man and woman will have the satisfaction of intense desire even when sex is out of the question.

  • Monogamous Male Maximizer—This technique is designed to make a man completely commit to only his woman. With this technique, any man will surely look only to his woman, and no one else.

  • The Romance Rotator—This is geared towards activating a man’s deep and sometimes hidden romantic impulse. This can make any woman experience romance from her partner unlike ever before. It will certainly put intimacy and relationship on a whole new level.

  • The Friend to Fantasy technique—This is for women who are sick of being “friend zoned.” With this you can change a man’s perspective of you, and seduce him. However, when women use this – there is no going back!

  • The No-Touch Lay—This technique is for those times that women can’t have sex, or times they think they can’t please their man. With this technique both will feel as if they had deep, connected sex that is intense without ever touching or taking off garments.

  • Madonna Moan—This uses a simple exercise to help the woman learn to relax sexually. By using “Madonna Moan,” a woman can make her man say an awestruck “thank you” for being able to make him feel what it’s really like to be a man.

These are just some of the proven techniques that The Language of Desire teaches. It proves to be a revolutionary program unlike any other. With this, women will be able to develop an entirely different kind of sexual and romantic relationship. The kind of intimacy that women want but cannot have, so they settle for the laconic relationship they already have. With Language of Desire by Felicity Keith, this will never be the case again. Women will have control over their relationships and have more confidence in the types of pleasure they can provide to their partners. Get it now!




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