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This review will be all about the top secret Mentalism strategies of mind control experts revealed through the Killer Mentalism Manuscript by Charlie X. It will all be about the secret Mentalism concepts, whether they work or not and if the product is worth purchasing or not.

The Writer’s Background

We understand how people are fascinated and curious about Mentalism, magic, and all things that relate to superhuman abilities. We understand these things can seem so attractive to people and how the idea of learning the secrets behind the success of many mentalists can be very much compelling. As such, we reviewed this so-called Killer Mentalism by Charlie ‘X’, a distinctive guidebook instructing and revealing the secrets behind Mentalism.

We assure you that in this review, what we will do is shed light as to what this guidebook is about. This will be a review telling you what you are likely to find in the guidebook—the concepts, the insights, and the mind tricks presented in this guidebook. It is our job to give you facts and figures, and though we may live off commissions the reviews that we make, what we care about is your satisfaction. Through this review, we strive to give you all the details that you need to come up with the decision, whether to purchase the product or not.

The Facts and Figures of the Killer Mentalism Manuscript

Language: English

Cost: Special Limited Offer of $29.95

Refund Policy: 100% refund and a 60-day guarantee

Created by: Charlie ‘X’

Type of Product: Mentalism guidebook

Product Description:

Killer Mentalism is a guidebook program detailing and revealing the secrets from some of the most compelling and intriguing mind tricks of well-known mentalists. Collected and created by a renegade mentalist, Charlie ‘X’, the guidebook claims to uncover the top-secret strategies that famous mentalists do to fool you into believing that they truly have superhuman abilities. The Killer Mentalism is a manuscript designed to put you into the fast track of becoming an expert and mastering the best, most extreme psychological mind control tricks in the shortest span of time, so the author says.

The Killer Mentalism manuscript is there to cut the time that you will need in attempt to learn the most powerful Mentalism tricks. It was put together so that you will no longer need so much time, money, and effort spent in research just so you could learn the best techniques that have been hidden and very much protected by underground ‘elite’ magicians. This is a guidebook on Mentalism that is written and broken down in pieces making it easy for anybody to learn the techniques and tricks, master them, and become an expert in the shortest span of time.

What is very much appealing is that the guidebook is presented in a concise, clear, and very easy to understand format. Anybody could really learn from the book so easily, as it doesn’t waste time in words and long explanations. What you will find in the book is straight forward, to-the-point tutorials teaching you how you can master each trick in just a day.

Moreover, all tricks, strategies, and techniques detailed are tested first to make sure that they really have audience impact and to ensure you that they work and convince anyone that you actually possess extraordinary abilities.

What You Can Find in this Guidebook:

  • Integrated Arm Lift

In integrated arm lift, you blindfold a spectator and tell him to raise his hand whenever he feels like it. Then, you make another person stand behind him, telling both of them to raise their hands in an upward position as long as they like and when they feel like it. Whenever they do so, even in the most impossible situations, the blindfolded man raises his hand synchronized to the man behind.

  • Cues in the Word

In cues in the word, what you can learn is the ability to instantly tell what suits of cards a spectator thinks of. After you have successfully emblazoned the image of a card in their minds, you tell them to simply tell the names of the cards from ‘hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds’ and then you can instantly tell exactly what suit of card they are thinking. Then, when they say the card values—that is ‘two, three, four’ as equivalent to ‘jack, queen, and ace’, you’ll be able to stop them every time they say their chosen card.

  • Psychological Coin Prediction

The psychological coin prediction is about you learning one of the crowd pleasers from the guidebook. In this trick, you will put a coin in the hand of a spectator and when he brings them to you, you can instantly tell which hand that the spectator is holding the coin every time, and then you will also learn how to influence him to pick the wrong one when you put the coin in your hand.

  • The Psychic Touch

In the psychic touch, you’ll learn how to cause someone to feel as if you touch them on the arm even though you are standing quite some distance away from them and with everyone all around you as a witness that you did not touch him at all.

  • The Winning Hand

You will also learn from the guidebook how exactly you can influence a spectator to always choose the losing poker hand in a choice of ten cards. Here, you can learn exactly how you will be able to influence them to choose the losing card even when all the cards are faced up.

  • The Sudoku Shocker

With Sudoku shocker, you can amaze the crowd with your mathematics ability. In this trick, you will ask a spectator to call out a random number and then write out a quick Sudoku line of 4×4 grids. With this trick, you’ll be able to amaze the crowd by being able to calculate mathematical solutions in just a matter of seconds.

  • The Mental Marvel

The mental marvel is about you learning how to demonstrate another superhuman brain power. In this trick, you are able to tell exactly what day a date falls on in a matter of seconds, whether that is in the past or in the future. When you learn the trick, you are now able to tell it anytime even at a moment’s notice.

  • The Telepaphone

This trick is a simple, clean, and fair with absolutely no secret moves or techniques wherein when you ask someone to think of a playing card. Once you call and ask your telepathic friend, he can instantly tell what card the person is thinking of.

  • The Strength Sapping

In this technique, you will learn how to sap someone’s strength simply by saying a few words and then staring right into their eyes. With this trick, even the strongest volunteer that you have will never be able to lift your very small and light assistant.

These are only some of the techniques and mind control tricks that you can learn from the Killer Mentalism Manuscript. There are absolutely many more where these came from. With this guidebook, you can definitely learn them. The Killer Mentalism also comes with additional bonuses especially for you. Such bonus effects include:

  • Book Test—a trick predicting exactly the same sentence that your volunteer reads and concentrates on in a very normal book

  • Pseudo Hypnosis—with Pseudo Hypnosis, you can influence your volunteer to stick his fingers together through mind control.

  • Flat Liner—this trick allows you to trick the spectator with your pulse slowly slowing down until it finally stops as if you’re dead.

  • Cutting Cards by Touch—this technique allows you to remove the amount of cards that the volunteer dictated simply by cutting and touching it.

  • Wallet, watch, and coin—using a spectator’s wallet, watch, and coin, you ask him to put them on the table, turn it back, and place them in different pockets. After following these steps, you’ll use your skills and be able to know exactly what item is inside of each pocket.

  • Who’s Got That—this trick allows you to learn and tell exactly what playing card your three volunteers have chosen without watching them.

You can learn all of these plus a whole lot more in an easy to follow step-by-step guidebook. With this information, you can learn all the secrets of the greatest illusionists and perform them yourself.

mind controlOur Impression

From what we can deduce from the massive amount of information that this guidebook contains, we can safely say that you definitely can learn a whole lot of tricks from it. Moreover, we really like the fact that the eBook guide is written so simple and very much easy to understand for anybody. We definitely are amazed that someone like Charlie ‘X’ came up with the idea of compiling all this information for the public. Everyone will surely go crazy about all the information that it can provide.

Aside from that, the eBook guide is very much affordable at the moment. We feel it will be anybody’s loss when the guidebook is finally out of circulation since it will only be available for a short period of time. Plus, the fact that it comes with 100% refund, money back guarantee, it sure is taking all the risk. With the massive information that it contains, which is also tried and tested, we strongly recommend that you get a copy of this eBook guide while it is still available.  



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