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guilt free desserts

This is a non-biased review of Guilt Free Desserts recipes created by Kelly Herring, the founder and CEO of Healing Gourmet. Their company is the leading provider of organic meal plans and recipes perfect for good health, as well as weight loss.

Writer’s Background

We are guys, who just like many others love foods and love to eat. Just like many, we also value health and fitness. We understand the need for a well-balanced diet and sometimes, it is impossible to have that kind of diet with the hectic lifestyle that most people have. Preparing a meal becomes a task that can be out of hand. For that, we took the time to review one of the best known food recipe collections that allow you to have as many brownies and pastries as you like without having to worry about your weight.

In this review, we promise to give you a thorough overview of the Guilt Free Desserts recipes by Kelly Herring, and give you our thoughts on the famous recipes. We’ll take the troublesome task of seeing if the recipe does allow you to have your favorite pastries, while burning your excess fat. This review is to help you decide whether the recipes are genuine or not.

Facts about the Guilt Free Desserts

Language: English

Cost: $19.00 one-time payment

Refund Policy: 60-day money back guarantee

Created by: Kelly Herring, founder and CEO of Healing Gourmet

Type of Product: Fat burning desserts recipe

Product Description

Almost everyone has a love for desserts. We all love to have a bite of that sweet muffin or chocolate brownies after dinner, but the thought of calories making your thighs and legs balloon because you eat too much just makes sweet eating depressing. With the increasing number of cases of obesity and the diseases that come with it, eating desserts makes many people feel guilty afterward. Still, you can’t help yourself! Yet not to worry, the guiltiness will soon be gone with Kelly Herring’s Guilt Free Desserts recipes, as they feature many low calorie dessert options for everyone to enjoy.

Guilt Free Desserts is all about low carb, healthy desserts made from so-called “metabolic power ingredients.” These metabolic power ingredients are ingredients that help the blood sugar remain stable. They also promote the feeling of fullness so that you don’t get hungry as often. What we really like about these recipes is the fact that they also make the body act like a fat-burning furnace so that while you are eating these sweet treats, you are also shedding excess fat.

That’s not even all. Kelly Herring’s Guilt Free Desserts contain 50 all-natural, gluten-free, low-glycemic desserts. Just imagine helping yourself to richly-flavored sweet chocolate cake that is a lot healthier than many other foods you could’ve ate. Imagine yourself enjoying the taste of mouth-watering desserts without having any worries that you might get diabetes in the following years to come. These things are no longer a figment of the imagination with Herring’s Guilt Free Desserts.

Now, you can have desserts made from ingredients devoid of sugar and other things that spike blood sugar. Instead these things are replaced by ingredients filled with protein, fiber, and healthy fats. That is what Guilt Free Desserts recipes is all about. The recipes are truly guilt free, as they do not have those toxic ingredients you so like to eat. Its ingredients are all natural, gluten-free, and low-glycemic which makes them truly healthy.

What you’ll find inside the Guilt Free Desserts recipe kit are some of the most traditional desserts given a makeover so they can now be consumed without the slightest worry that they will spike your blood sugar. Some of these desserts are favorite’s like berry cheesecake, pound cake, crème brulee, ginger bread cookies, as well as other gourmet treats like chocolate fondue mint chip ice cream, coconut macaroons, and many more.

We love the fact that each of the recipes is so easy you can make them in just a minute. Plus, the recipes include some time-saving tips which are really helpful, especially if you are on a tight schedule, but still have time to enjoy a taste of these heavenly treats. Aside from cool, guilt-free, low-carb recipes, Guilt Free Desserts also includes an inside look at the nutritional information of each treat and the time of preparation for each. You can have your healthy sweet treat quick and easy. To make all these healthy desserts, you will need “functional ingredients” full of numerous health benefits. These ingredients are:

  • Natural sweeteners—combination of all-natural ingredients that are just like sugar, but without the impact of insulin or calories. Perfect sweetener for healthy desserts.

  • Healthy flours— Guilt Free Desserts feature 11 kinds of flours that are all gluten-free and low-glycemic, plus it still lends the buttery richness that you want in your desserts, all without allergens or fat-storing carbs.

  • Healthy fats—fats are important in baking as they provide texture as well as moisture. They are what make it so delectable when you bite into your sweet treat and you get that rich mouth feel of flaky goodness. To some people, fats promote weight gain and increase the risk for heart diseases, but there are some fats that are important for health as they promote fat burning. Those kinds of fats are used in Guilt Free Desserts, fats that don’t just give you the moist mouth feel, but will also keep you fit and healthy.

Benefits from Guilt Free Desserts

healthy dessert recipes

There are a lot of things that you can gain from Guilt Free Desserts. Not only will you be able to make healthy desserts, but you will also discover some of the best ways and methods of creating other healthy foods, not just desserts.

What we like so much about this product is the rich information it has inside of it. With the recipe book, you will learn nutritional information and secret ingredients you can use to create your own low-carb desserts. It contains lots of beneficial information that every health conscious individuals will want to know so that they too will be able to incorporate them in creating their meals. Moreover, we like the fact that all ingredients used for the recipes are inexpensive and easily available in local grocery stores, health stores, or even online. Here are some of the things you’ll discover inside the recipe book:

  • Learn about fibers which can make your sweets have that cotton-candy and creamy mouth feel, all the while feeding the good bacteria inside your gut.

  • Learn how artificial sweeteners can actually cause weight gain and other harmful effects to your body.

  • You’ll also learn about a type of natural sweetener that is a combination of two local ingredients that can perfectly mimic the taste of sugar.

  • You’ll learn a lot about natural sweeteners that you can use as substitute for sugars and secret ingredients that provide a boost of protein, among many other things.

Our Impression

After we downloaded and read the book, we were impressed with all the valuable information it has in it. Compared to other recipe books, Guilt Free Desserts is not just about detailed instructions on how to make the desserts. It is also a very thorough guide on healthy eating. We like that it teaches you how to properly make your desserts enhanced for healthy eating, but you don’t have to sacrifice the taste. You get to enjoy delectable desserts while eating healthy and burning extra fat at the same time. It is such a wonderful book that we absolutely fell in love with it.

The only downside of this recipe book is that if you have absolutely no cooking skills at all, it will be kind of hard for you to make them. Sure, they are easy to prepare recipes, but if you don’t know what exactly to do, then a 30-minute recipe may end up taking over an hour of preparation for you. So, we think it is best to try these recipes if you have at least some basic know-how on baking.

Other than that, we didn’t see anything else to be considered a downside. In our opinion, the recipe book is perfect for those with a sweet tooth. It will be a great addition to your recipe books on your kitchen shelves. The recipes inside are obvious delicacies and having them low-carb can be so easy now. You won’t feel guilty anymore indulging yourself in sweet treats.

Aside from that, you can buy the product for only $19.00 as a one-time payment. It’s a better way of losing weight than pushing yourself and your pocket into ineffective weight loss treatments. This way, you enjoy yourself while you shed that extra fat with no worries. If in case you are not satisfied with the product, you have a 60-day money back guarantee. For all that, we highly recommend getting yourself a copy of this wonderful recipe book and indulging yourself in sweet treats all you want. Get it now!



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