The Fat Burning Kitchen Honest Review

the fat burning kitchen

Have you heard about The Fat Burning Kitchen? If not, here is a review that will introduce the fat loss program to you. It is an honest review designed to help you learn more about how the program works as a weight loss product.

Our Background

As experienced reviewers of weight loss products, it is our desire to recommend only the best on the market. We are also those people who worked hard to find the best products that help them lose weight. So, we understand just how difficult it is to find those that are genuinely effective. In the past years of being reviewers, we have found that not all products that can be found in the market are reliable.

This is now our effort to help reliable and genuine information to other consumers who, up until not, are still searching for that efficient weight loss product. In this review, my partner and I only provided the most genuine of information. We don’t want you to become one of those who had been appealingly advertised with the product you are looking for. Only to be disappointed later on that it did not bring the results you want.

As mentioned, we have been through that road. And, we don’t want you to keep on walking in the same road endlessly if we know that we can do something to help. That’s why we made this honest review about The Fat Burning Kitchen for you. 

Simple Facts about the Fat Burning Kitchen

Language: English

Cost: $40

Refund Policy:  8-week 100% Moneyback Guarantee 

Created By: Mike Geary (a certified nutritional specialist and personal trainer); Catherine Ebeling (a certified nutritionist)


Initial Impression

We like the fact that the program was developed by two experts, both have knowledge about nutrition. For us, it only proves that the program can be helpful for users. Considering the tile of the program, it is only appropriate for its creator to have knowledge about nutrition. Otherwise, the whole point developing a program to help those who are interested to lose weight won’t be realized. 

Browsing through the book, we noticed and appreciated the fact that it is very easy to read. It is not that long, making the content much easier to understand and apply. Just from these two initial notes, we already found acceptable reasons to recommend this to others as well. We highly recommend it as a weight loss program. But, we also understand that there should be deeper reasons for us to proceed with that decision. We found the reasons and they are stated below.

the fat burning kitchen

The Basics about the Fat Loss Program –As an eBook Meant to Help for Weight Loss

 The Fat Burning Kitchen is a 121-page eBook that teaches the right type of food that can help in reducing fat while promoting good overall health. It also listed all foods. The eBook is created in collaboration between Mike Greary and Catherine Ebeling. Both of them have obtained a good background on nutrition.

The goal of the two in making the book is to emphasize the significant role each meal play in weight. From that learning, you will be able to make changes in your kitchen, particularly with the foods commonly found there.

But, what we really like about is the depth of information provided in the book. It emphasized the list of foods that we should avoid for fat loss and good health. Almost all of the food items listed are explained why they are not good for the health and should be switched with more healthy foods. 

The 2-Part eBook

That is true. The book program has two parts. The first part shows the list of all foods present in your kitchen that is truly not healthy as what you perceived them to be. As the first part, its primary purpose is to help you in clearing your kitchen with all these foods. It is already comprised of ten chapters. From these chapters, you are introduced to all the foods you eat that makes it more difficult for you to burn fats and lose weight. You will also learn that the foods you believe are healthy to consume only increases your chances of developing serious conditions, like internal inflammation, cancer and heart disease. 

The second part teaches and shows the complete list of foods that should be present and stored in your kitchen. This list is created to ensure that you are truly getting the nutrients your body requires. It is also the list that shows the food items beneficial to losing weight. These foods not only help with fat reduction. All foods you can find on the list are also beneficial in speeding up your body’s ability to burn fat. Overall, this section of the eBook is made up of thirteen chapters. 

That’s how vast the information included in the eBook is. In fact, we are blown away with how much valuable information is included in the program. It simply shows how much effort the authors of the book put in making it. 

Everything That it Teaches

All foods that affect and put our health at risk are stated in the book. Some of these food items are sugar, vegetable oils and whole wheat bread. The authors stated that these foods highly affect our health by making us more at risk of developing illnesses like cancer, heart disease and diabetes. To be specific, the authors provided the reasons why the mentioned food items are dangerous to one’s health. 

 Whole Wheat – Why it Belongs in the List of Unhealthy Food Items

fat burning kitchen

Experts have put in our minds that whole wheat is healthy. But actually, it is not. It can cause blood sugar disruption and cell glycation. These effects only increase the risk of aging, diabetes and weight gain. That is because this type of food is containing an unusual carbohydrate type which increases the blood sugar levels. You will learn about why consuming such foods can still lead to the inflammation of your digestive system. The e-book also shows the role of mineral blockers and anti-nutrients present in wheat in uncompromised health. 

From there, you will know why it is best to keep from consuming whole wheat for your health to stay uncompromised.

Vegetable Oil – Lets Your Learn Why Using it is Killing You

fat burning kitchen

 As consumers ourselves, we know that there are harmful and healthy cooking oil. We know that vegetable oils are healthy as most experts say. However, you will from the eBook that it is not the truth. Like with whole wheat, vegetable oil is also more dangerous than the former. In this part of the eBook you will get an in-depth understanding why vegetable oil should be thrown away from your kitchen.. It informs us about the real ingredients used in producing this type of oil.

Bitter Truth about Sugar

fat burning kitchen

 Of course, one thing we know about sugar is that it is truly bad for our health. What we don’t know is why. That is what this part is intended to give you an understanding. More than that, you’ll learn why it is not recommended in burning off the sugar you consumed. You need to perform hard exercises the following day. Soon, you will be enlightened about why this process is not just as simple as burning off of sugar. This is a process that has an effect to the body and causes the development of certain diseases. 

List of Healthy-Foods-Not

Every one of us is knowledgeable about the food items that are healthy and lead to positive effects to the body. Unfortunately, we weren’t told that these foods are truly not healthy. But, that is the information you can obtain in the eBook. All those foods you think are healthy but are not will be listed on this part. 

We really like the fact that the Fat Burning Kitchen program cares for people at different level. That’s what my partner and I noticed along the way. It provides information, yes. But it also clears things out, particularly the subject about the healthy-food-not items.

The Simple Solution to Losing Weight with Ease

We noticed upon receiving the eBook that the program’s title comes with the 24-hour diet term. We still remember the thought that comes to our mind when we first read it. Surely, it is not possible. It is not always just about having the determination and patience. In truth, it is more about knowing the right food to eat in preparing every meal. We gain an in-depth understanding of what each can bring to the body. That’s what Mark Greary and Catherine Ebeling provided with The Fat Burning Kitchen. They used it as a medium to clarify things out and help people make a better decision when preparing their meals.

In conclusion, we think that The Fat Burning Kitchen is an incredible program to lose fat. It helps you lose weight and maintain the result while keeping you healthy all at the same time. Get it NOW

fat burning kitchen



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