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credit card knife

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This time, we want to talk about the Credit Card Knife. Here is an honest review of the product that will provide all the information you need.

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We are like those people out there who always want to be ready for any possibility that life may bring. We admit that we make money from the products we recommend every now and then, but we remain committed to recommending only those products we know can make a difference in the life of someone. Such as helping him or her solve any problems they might be facing at the moment.

There are different scams that can be found on the web today, and we definitely do not like to be part of the wrongful doings of those people just wanting to make money at the expense of others. This is the reason we gained complete access to the Credit Card Knife and now we will provide a comprehensive and unbiased review that will include the benefits and disadvantages of the particular program. We hope that by the end, we can help you make the best decision regarding where and if you should purchase the Credit Card Knife.

Greatest Facts You Should Know About the Credit Card Knife

Our Rating of Credit Card Knife:*****

Language: English
Cost: FREE (excluding the shipping cost)
Refund Policy: 60 Days
Created By:  Joe Marshall
Type of Product: A tool used for survival

Initial Impression

At first glance, you may think this product looks similar to a credit card, and its name sounds like it as well. Yet, when the blade is folded, the whole tool looks like a credit card. Its style is great so you can conveniently put it inside your bag, pocket, or even in your wallet.


The Credit Card Knife is an advanced and extraordinary utility blade which is in the same shape with an ATM card, yet it comes with a very unique use as you could guess. Those people who have purchased and used it previously say that the knife of this tool comes with serviceable blades which require less maintenance. The knife is highly suitable to be used in cutting through hard-boiled eggs.

What we also found out is that other people who tried and reviewed the product mentioned something about the strong polypropylene bodies that simply fold around the pointed stainless steel rims. This is what helps change the look of the knife into a traveling pocket-friendly tool. Most people choose daggers that have stiff frames as well as flexible pivots that provide superior security lock features.

survival life national promotionSuch characteristics are making this particular product suitable to be used in rugged outdoor tasks or activities. Yet the Credit Card Knife is also safe for use around kids because the blades are coated with a protecting sheath. The Credit card Knife is a versatile tool coming with applications that are quite life-saving. It can be simply and easily stored inside your wallet, backpack, purse, toolbox, or even in a kitchen drawer.

Since it is remarkably thin, this knife can simply fit anywhere. Having this will mean that you’ll never be entirely unprepared for those surprises that life can offer. You will be fully prepared to face any tough situation because you have the best survival tools which include the Credit Card Knife. Whether you need to splice wires, prepare food, or open canned goods, you will never experience a problem by having such a versatile tool right there in your pocket.


  • Ultra Thin – this knife collapses to the dimension of a real ATM card, roughly 2 mm in thinness. Its size is similar to the size of a regular credit card, but 1/10th the width of an ordinary utility knife.

  • Instant and Easy Conversion – in a few seconds, you can easily transform this tool from a “credit card” kept inside your wallet to a knife that can be used in different ways.

  • Stainless Steel Blade – it comes with a body that is made of stainless steel for a sturdy and rust-free finish.

  • Protecting Hand Guard – it aids you in getting a stronger, more proper grip while preventing the blade from gliding.

  • Built-in Security Sheath – it helps to prevent the occurrence of accidents that can be triggered by the open blade kept inside your bag or pocket. It also prevents the blade from turning blunted over time.

  • Snap-Open and Waterproof Locking System – it is easier and more convenient to open than regular pen knives. Also, there are no any metal pivots that rust.

The way we see it, what makes this product a great choice is the ease of using and storing it. The knife folds easily and it forms itself like an ATM card that you can store in your pocket without the fear of having cuts because the blade is kept protected. It is a good portable cutting tool that you can bring anywhere you go.

credit card knife Bonuses You Can Get

Just like any other product we recommend, you will also get great bonuses with the purchase of Credit Card Knife. With this product, you get two bonuses which are as follows:

Bonus # 1 – Joe Marshall will give you a copy of his new book titled the “Ultimate Survival Skills”.

Bonus # 2 – a free two-hour Survival Class

About the Developer

Survival Life Credit Card Knife was created and introduced by Joe Marshall. He is the editor of Survival Life and he is also the author of one of the most popular and best-selling books about container gardening and vertical gardening. Aside from that he’s also the co-creator of different survival courses which are now available and widely offered to all members of Survival Life. Such courses include:

  • The Prepper’s Playbook

  • When the Food Runs Out

  • How to Cook & Store Outside

  • More

He is passionate about the advantages of knowing a large selection of survival skills. He also enjoys motivating and empowering others by teaching them the best ways to incorporate preparedness and survival knowledge into their daily living.

Benefits of Credit Card Knife

This tool comes with 3 multi-level folding systems that will automatically alter the credit card knife into a very convenient utility tool. This product is also slimmer and less bulky than ordinary knives. Aside from that, there is a set of razors that are made of stainless steel that will ensure the blades will stay sharp and have a longer lifespan.

Its body is created with a built-in defensive sheath that secures you from any blunting accident. This distinct scalpel is specifically designed to fit instantly in your pocket, and comes with a very attractive design. The user gets to pick between the black Teflon glazed blades or the natural stainless steel units, according to his individual preference.

The open and fold-over design is helping get the job done in just a few minutes. This sturdy multipurpose knife could also be given as a great gift for men who love outdoor adventures. It is highly suitable for hikers, campers, hunters, and boaters as they can use it even when preparing some basic meals.

credit card knifeHow Much Is the Credit Card Knife?

This is one of the greatest things we love about the product. We are very pleased to announce that Credit Card Knife is offered for free. Yes, you heard it…it is absolutely free. There is a reason behind that.

This tool, the Credit Card Knife, has been provided today for free in order to lead you to Survival Life & the Family Protection Association. This is the best gift that you can get as you start thinking of your own survival and the security of your loved ones. One of the greatest things that you can do is join and be part of a society of like-minded people, consisting of concerned citizens and leaders.

In joining the community of Survival Life, you will not just get this powerful cutting tool but you will also be getting the new book written by Joe Marshall. The book you’ll receive is titled the “Ultimate Survival Skills”, and also you will get a two-hour Survival Class for free.

Is Credit Card Knife A Good Choice?

With all of its features and the set of benefits that it can provide, without a doubt, Credit Card Knife is a good tool. Considering that you can get it for free after becoming a member of the Survival Life community, this knife is worth consideration. Joining the community comes with a corresponding membership fee, but it is totally risk-free. If you are not happy with your membership or you wish to cancel your membership for any reason, you may request a full refund within 60 days.

We really like all of the facts we have discovered about Credit Card Knife. It is a great tool not just because it is free but because it offers you the ease of ensuring your survival. We definitely recommend this tool to everyone. Get it now!





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