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Today we are going to talk about an honest and non-biased review of the Cellulite Removal product by Joey Atlas. The product is about cellulite and the tips and techniques that can be used to get rid of it.

Writer’s Background

We are guys who know about beauty and healthcare for many people, especially the women. Like others, we also strive to not just be fit and healthy, but also beautiful. We may earn off commissions from the products we’ve reviewed, discussed, and recommended, but we care much more about what is best for you. We care for the product that will honestly help you in all your needs. For that reason, we have a strict moral code within us only to recommend products that can really make a difference in your life, and help solve the problem that you have.

A lot of people have already gone down the road to leading people to false hopes by filthy scams, fraudulent acts, and deception, but we certainly do not. We live by the honesty and goodness of people which is why we’ve already gone through the trouble of reviewing the Cellulite Removal by Joey Atlas. The following will provide you a full, critical review of the pros and the cons to help you make the best decision whether to use the product or not.

The Facts about Cellular Removal aka SYMULAST

Language: English

Cost: $99.00, for limited-time special offer is $49.95 with two online videos and special gifts/surprises

Refund Policy: 60 days guaranteed full refund, no questions asked

Created by: Joey Atlas (women body enhancement specialist)

Type of Product: Cellulite removal program

Product Description

A lot of people, especially women, are having problems with cellulites. Many have been more than frustrated with their skin nodules and dimpling, and the thought that there isn’t a solution just makes it worse. It is said that the answer to that is now here with the new Cellulite Removal technique by women body enhancement specialist Joey Atlas.

The Cellulite Removal system is all about unique tips that will help you get rid of the cellulite in the body to give you sexier, smoother, tighter lower body skin. The whole idea behind Cellulite Removal is based on real physiological science that tackles how to effectively stop the real cause of the unattractive and saggy shadows, as well as mushy dimples in your lower body.

The cause of cellulite has always been considered a skin problem, but according to Cellulite Removal, the REAL cause of cellulite is a muscle-problem. Cellulite Removal tells exactly what causes the unhealthy, excess body fat of your lower body, and how to get rid of it to give you a smooth and tightly-toned lower body no matter what your age is.

The Truth that you’ll discover

  • Skin-brushing and compression garments will never get rid of your cellulite

  • Anti-cellulite treatments can actually make your cellulite even worse

  • That medi-spa services are only trying to rip you off over and over again

  • Common exercises only make your cellulite bumps and dimples even more pronounced

  • You must absolutely know the cause of your cellulite to properly address it.

  • There is a unique way to get rid of your cellulite and get smooth thighs, buns, hips, and legs.

Three Critical Principles for Cellulite Removal

The Cellulite Removal system is dominated by three critical principles. According to Joey Atlas, these critical principles are important to know the things that must be done to get rid of your lower-body cellulites. The three principles are explained below:

  1. You must know what cellulite is and why you have it.

According to Joey Atlas, though people think that cellulite is a skin problem, it isn’t. You might think that cellulite is when there is fat or toxin trapped under the skin, but the truth is cellulite is neither a skin problem, nor a disease.

Cellulite is actually a muscle structure problem – a problem that you can most certainly prevent and get rid of. The first step to get rid of it is to know the factors that cause it, according to Joey Atlas. Unlike what others may have been led to believe, cellulite is also not caused by genetics. Although the structure and tone of the muscle can be genetic, it doesn’t have any direct connection with cellulite.

For most people, especially young women, the cause of cellulite is attributed to muscular atrophy – that is weak muscle – which causes the skin to have no support resulting in lumps and dimples. Even for older women, muscular atrophy happens during the aging process which causes the skin to break down and become covered with lumps, dimples, and saggy shadows on your lower body. As a muscle problem, there is only one solution to that and that is what Cellulite Removal is all about.

  1. You must know what makes it worse.

What would make the problem worse? According to this, the use of anti-cellulite creams, pills, scrubs, injections, and so many other things that don’t really address the real cause of the problem is what makes cellulite worse.

These things are formulated for the skin, so this is the reason they don’t really address the real problem here. Continuous use can only make the skin on your lower body saggier. Instead what you should do is learn a real solution, such as the one shown in Cellulite Removal.

  1. You must know the only proven way to get rid of it.

The proven way to really get rid of cellulite is through proper muscle stimulation, but simple exercise isn’t exactly the answer to this. According to Joey Atlas, the only proven way to get rid of cellulite is through “synergistic muscle layer simulation” or SYMULAST for short. Knowing that, we are blown away with how much valuable information SYMULAST offers.

The SYMULAST is a series of short, but highly-targeted body movements that are effective in getting rid of cellulites. Most importantly, what we really like about it is the fact the program is pretty simple and easy. It’s just movements that are targeted to specific areas, but you only have to do this three times a week.

We think Cellulite Removal and SYMULAST is an incredible program complete with all the things that you will need to achieve your desired results. It includes a precise form, proper tempo, and specific sequences that you will have to follow to get rid of your cellulite. Moreover, it’s laid out in an easy to follow schedule, so it will be easier to achieve a tight and smooth lower body. SYMULAST is a laser-targeted combination of body movements unlike the ordinary exercises that can actually make your cellulite worse.

Private Instant Access

Here are the things that you need in order to properly execute your SYMULAST program.

  1. Naked Beauty video to show you all the necessary and proper laser-targeted body movements you need to have the sexy, smooth, and tight lower body skin that you want.

  2. Naked Beauty guide method to show you the principles behind these exercises and easy-to-follow instructions complete with pictures, so you’ll understand what SYMULAST is.

  3. Cellulite Reduction Schedule to show you what exercised to use and when your routine can easily be plugged into your schedule.

  4. Anti-Cellulite Cardio Summary which will tell you what cardio exercises will work best to help you get rid of your cellulites. You see, not all cardio exercises can help you. Some make it worse.

  5. Gone-For-Good Schedule for long-term maintenance, making sure that you won’t have cellulites ever again.

Promising Results

  • Tighter and smoother skin within 7 to 10 days as bumps start to fade

  • Continuous tightening and smoothening of your skin on your butt, hips, thighs, and legs each passing week

Our Impression

cellulite removalBased on our results and the evidences shown, it is a promising and truly amazing program. We like that this Cellulite Removal program is so simple and easy that you can do it anywhere you are comfortable, and the only equipment you will need are simple tools and video instructions that are both easy to use. We also personally like the fact that it has loads of valuable information dispelling all the lies, myths, and scams around cellulite removal.

We think that SYMULAST is such an incredible program – it will literally blow your mind for the proven and exciting results that it brings. It doesn’t have any risk and we’ve not seen anything that could be a downside. Everything is just wonderful and so easy, all for a very low price of $99.00. However with the special limited offer, you can get the program at just $49.95 complete with two online videos about having a flat, sexy stomach as well as tight-toned arms, plus additional sweet surprises. We highly recommend getting the Cellulite Removal aka SYMULAST to get rid of your cellulite now.




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