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One of the major elements in creating wealth and getting rich is to have in-depth understanding about various ways wherein income could be generated. If you’re looking for a non-biased and honest review regarding CB Passive Income, you landed on the perfect page. It’s understandable that due to misleading information and scammers in the market today, you want to feel guaranteed and safe before purchasing a certain product or service. This is the major reason why this review was created. This contains detailed and truthful information that will guide you in making a viable decision.

Product Rating: *****

Product Name: The CB Passive Income

Created by: Patric Chan

Language: English

Cost: $47 plus $97 one-time fee (optional), $47 per month or $197 per year (optional subscription)

Niche: Email Marketing


Bonuses: Almost $2295 Special Bonuses

Refund Policy: 60-Days 100% Money Back Guaranteed

About the Creator

The mind behind The CB Passive Income Program is Patric Chan, one of the world’s best and most trusted internet marketers. It was in year 2003 when he initially started making steps in generating money online. Over eleven countries which include United States, UK, and Australia, as well as other business conferences invited Patric to speak in front of various internet marketers about his internet marketing system. He eventually succeeded and helped thousands of people learn and attain success through online marketing. With his knowledge, courses, books, seminars, and trainings, these people attained success and gained extra money that made them more comfortable and secure. Patric Chan opened a newer and more unique way of generating money. Due to this, more and more people enjoy long-term profits and became expert and successful online marketers.

The CB Passive Income Program

Today, there are newer ways of earning money. The internet has opened up opportunities for people to make money and create wealth. Since the internet is considered to be the fastest way of creating various streams of income, The CB Passive Income system was established to make things more possible, easy, and widely available to people. By spending a minimal amount of money as their investment, they can enjoy lifetime benefits.

passive income review

What is this all about? CB Passive Income is known to be an automated-system which creates passive income using auto pilot. This is a highly profitable and new way of making money using the internet marketing niche. CBPI is also about generating money using email lists. This system is known to be the most efficient and effective way to earn money online, especially for a newbie. Patric found a way of doing all the work for his clients. This system is actually the result of combined knowledge and of practical experience in online business in the field of IT.

What is the unique and secret way of Patric Chan?

Patric created a free report on how people can generate money through the internet. This report is given to customers by utilizing his secret webpage. Once customers read the free report, they will become the newest subscribers and you can then continue sending the subscribers emails that contain valuable and free reports. Each email needs to contain an affiliate link that will promote your marketing affiliate program. This program is where you possess the ability of making affiliate commissions.

With this secret way of Patric, you are guaranteed to make money since you will begin building good relationships and communication with subscribers just by providing valuable and free reports. The program promotion is not only good, but highly valuable as it will add value to customers. You just have to ensure two things: always value subscribers and make money by selling programs. CBPI members get:

  • A top notch web-page which is highly tested to convert 50% of income

  • Attractive free offer which entices more visitors to subscribe to you

  • Free hosting

  • Auto responder of Patric will do all work for you once your visitors opt in

  • More free reports and crafted emails will be given away using your code. This means that all promotions will contain your own Clickbank ID number. You will certainly get commissions once visitors purchase products.

  • You will have access to Patric’s internet marketing course that teaches how people can promote their CB Passive Income Business Online positively and successfully.

  • This also gives you permission to access their forums and Facebook marketing courses.

  • Their YouTube Marketing course will also be provided wherein you will learn how to rank on YouTube the easy way. This opens ideas on how you will get traffic from YouTube videos and other social media sites like Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Squidoo, and more.

How CBPI Works?

Once you have become CBPI’s newest member, the system will automatically create you a money-making page under your account in a very short while, send traffic to the page, monetize the list to establish affiliated commissions using valuable content, provide a free report that contains an affiliate link to promote a highly valuable program, and send content and free report to subscribers. After all that, you can eventually collect initial commissions once subscribers purchase an item using the recommend products that you promote.

Why Participate in CB Passive Income?

  • Writing content is no longer required since this is done automatically by CBPI for you to have more time for yourself without worrying about losing a single subscriber.

  • Membership program can be accomplished easily, taking away the long wait.

  • Creating your own product is no longer needed, nor is spending a long time searching for the most ideal product to promote since CBPI will select it. Since they have knowledge which products are gaining great popularity and demand, they will be the one to provide everything that you need to get commissions easily.

  • If you’re spending more time thinking about a free offer to attract subscribers, with CBPI, this process is totally eliminated. All valuable reports and conversation rates will be provided by the CBPI for almost 50%.

  • Sales letter is no longer needed.

  • Payment for hosting and auto responder is eliminated.

  • Constant email sending is no longer required.

cb passive income 3 review

The cost of CB Passive Income

CBPI offers various membership up-sells and plans such as:

  • Trial: $1

  • Monthly: $47 rapid cash Basic Series Membership

  • One-time Fee: $47 CBPI License

  • One-time Fee: $97 CBPI Pro

  • Annual: $197 Fast Cash Series

The Pros:

  • Not a scam

  • $1 for a free trial that lasts 14 days

  • Commissions range from 50-70%

The Cons:

  • Riddled up-sells

  • Can be misleading since users will only wait without doing anything

  • Requires constant upgrades

Is CB Passive Income Worthy of your Money?

Countless numbers of people say that CBPI is a scam, but it’s NOT! With Patric’s reputation, success, experiences, and credibility in internet marketing alone, people will be assured that this is worthy of their investment. Numerous people are experiencing a good life because of CBPI, making it highly commendable. Now, people have a newer and unique way of earning. This is ideal for those who admire earning more and dreaming of getting rich in the future. To those who dream high, CB Passive Income turns that dream into reality in just a short span of time and limited amount of money to be spent.

What other people are saying about CB Passive Income?

  • We bought and subscribed to the program and felt very lucky that we did. This is the best decision we had made since we are now earning more money without the need of exerting too much effort.

  • We personally recommend CB passive Income since it makes our life more comfortable. Patric is doing all the work and all we have to do is sit back and relax.

  • We highly recommend CB Passive Income since this is a legit and truthful system that focuses on providing a better life to people. We discovered that this is not a scam and we are now earning more using internet marketing.

  • What we really adore about CBPI is the idea of earning cash at home. Both part-time and full-time workers can benefit from this since it does not require lots of time and effort.

  • We are blown away with how much valuable information is included. The training seminars are all informative. All courses given are easy to understand and implement. We are not having a hard time capturing all information since the language and terminologies used are clear and reasonable.

  • We really like the fact that CB Passive Income cares for people at a different level. CBPI values people’s lives. This gives great value to the money we have spent.

  • We think that CB Passive Income is one of the most commendable programs that people have to value. Aside from affordability and the features it provides, earning a small invested amount is truly remarkable. We have never seen one like this before.

  • We highly recommend CB Passive Income to attain a better life and future.



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