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the beta switch

This is an honest and critical review of the facts and figures about the Beta Switch-Female Fat Loss system created by Sue Heinzte, an ordinary woman who suffered many different weight problems. It will provide a critical review of what this product has to offer you as a consumer and it will be a detailed examination of the concepts and ideas inside of the product so as to help you decide whether or not you should purchase it.

The Writer’s Background

We are certainly being honest in telling you that it is true we live off commissions from the reviews we do, but we truly take our time and put in great effort to carefully examine each of the products we review. We do this because we fully understand how it can be confusing and overwhelming to pick a good weight loss system with the number of products available on the market, as well as the horde of marketing strategies that come with them, compelling you to buy the product even when you don’t actually need it.

As such, we made it a point to critically and thoroughly examine each of the products or guidebooks that we review. We try our best to show you the concepts that each of them propose so that it will be easy on your part to decide whether you actually need the product or not. When it comes to health and weight loss, we can tell you that we understand your desire to find something that actually works. So, here we are, presenting you with a review of Sue Heinzte’s Beta Switch-Female Fat Loss program.

Facts and Figures about the Beta Switch-Female Fat Loss Program

Language: English

Cost: $47—special offer, $67—original price

Refund Policy: 60-day money back guarantee

Created by: Sue Heinzte

Type of Product: Female fat loss program

Product Description

The Beta Switch-Female Fat Loss system is a weight loss program created by Sue Heinzte, a woman who like many others also experienced the suffering of having too many different weight problems. Just like many other weight loss programs, the Beta Switch aims to help you lose all the stubborn fat deposits in the thighs, hips, bumps, and belly region. On top of that, the program is designed to offer you more information than you would expect.

The “Beta Switch” program is a 12-week fat loss system that explains how you can “switch on” the fat burning BETA receptors in your body, and then follow it by “switching off” the fat-storing ALPHA receptors of your body. With this principle, you can just think of the ‘B’ in Beta as “burn” which activates the fat burning receptors needed to burn the stubborn fat deposits you are so eager to get rid of and then think of ‘A’ as “anti-burn” for the receptors that activate the fat-storing mode in your body.

Beta Switch is actually designed to make it so that women are given freedom over dieting, intense damaging workouts, and undesirable body images. It is designed to make it easy for them to shed off the stubborn fat. What we really like about the program is that it is perfect even for active moms or girls with the worst fat-storing genetics and faulty metabolism. It is a weight loss program that definitely targets the cause of the problem itself and helps you shed off the excess fat without having to indulge in damaging workouts or diets.

Some Concepts that are highlighted in the Program:

Here are some of the concepts and techniques that you can get from the Beta Switch Female Fat Loss program by Sue Heinzte.

  • Easy and simple ways on how you can portion the food that your body needs based on your body weight

  • List of veggies and fruits that can help activate the Beta fat-burning receptors of your body

  • Herbal extracts and organic oil that can help prevent the Alpha receptors that store the fat within your body

  • 6-day meal plans so that you can take your body metabolism to the next level

  • And much more…

How the Program Works

The most important key secret of this weight loss program exclusively made for women is the idea of switching-off the fat-storing Alpha receptors of the body. With the idea of “switching off” the Alpha receptors of the body followed by “switching on” the Beta receptors, you will be able to shed off your stubborn fat deposits and thus prevent your body from ever storing fat again.

However, as mentioned before, the Beta Switch is exclusively for women. The main reason is that although both male and female have Alpha receptors, women have more Alpha receptors, making them more susceptible to weight gain and difficulties associated with fat loss.

What’s great is that with Beta Switch, there is now an answer as to how you can switch off the Alpha receptors, and then turn your body into your very own fat-burning machine through the Beta receptors of your body. The program features Beta Protocol and this uses the “Beta Nutri-Active Diet Program” which is the most vital fat loss strategy in the program.

Beta Nutri-Active Diet Program can be made by following some simple steps which include:

  1. Frequently eating

  2. Varied calorie intake

  3. Enhancing and cleansing of the entire system

These steps are further explained in the guidebook, as well as how they can repair the damage of your metabolism and then speed it up for faster shedding of fat. Inside the eBook program is also a list of foods that can help you achieve your desired metabolism.

What You Can Get from the Program

Being made exclusively for women, they are evidently the people who will benefit most from this program. With Beta Switch, they can finally have something that actually works and helps them tremendously in their weight loss problems. Aside from helping you remove that excess fat, the Beta Switch also helps in reducing cellulites. Moreover, we like the fact that all strategies and techniques highlighted in the program are scientifically proven and tested.

Moreover, you will find that this weight loss program can really restore damaged metabolism and it is not an intense diet that will leave you hanging for dear life. It’s a simple, easy-to-follow weight loss program that is highly effective in turning your body into its own fat burning machine. Aside from the huge amount of information you can get from the program, you also get a number of bonuses included such as a 3 month trial membership to “Tight ‘n Tone” program that comes with additional tips plus 24 High Definition exercise videos. Grabbing this opportunity of having a copy of the program is a smart move for you.

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Our Impression

We found that Beta Switch by Sue Heinzte is a program that contains a huge amount of scientific information that explains why it is really difficult for women to lose fat. From what we have learned in the program, we were truly amazed by the amount of information that the program provides. With all the information provided, even we were compelled to try the product. What is more amazing is that Beta Switch comes with a lot of benefits. You’ll not only lose fat, but this program is also geared to make it so that your damaged metabolism is restored and then sped up, making it even easier for you to lose those fat deposits.

Moreover, another thing that we like about this program is that fact that it is easy to understand with clear, concise, and simple instructions, in addition to the fact that the program is not like common weight loss programs. It isn’t a strict diet or one of those intense workouts that leave you weak and hungry all the time. Perhaps, the only downside of this program is that it isn’t for people who believe in easy ways of losing fat; that is if you ever think it could be a downside. This workout simply works best for people who take effort and patience when it comes to achieving their goals.

We find this program to be really advantageous as it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, meaning if in the event you don’t find the program rewarding, you can request a full refund of your money. With that, there is definitely no risk on your end if you purchase the eBook guide. All in all, we recommend that you get a copy of the program while it still available in its special limited offer of $47.00. Otherwise, by the time that it’s back on the market, you’ll find that the program is a whopping $97.00. With all the information that comes with it, we believe it is definitely a must-have weight loss program for anyone – especially women. For that, we highly recommend that you get a copy of it and try it now. We know that even you will be amazed with how it really it works. Beta Switch is about understanding your body and turning it to your benefit. With that information alone, we already think that this program works.




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