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Today, we have an honest, unbiased review of "Reverse Phone Lookup".

Most of us become annoyed when we receive unidentified calls. Some calls may come from stalkers, but sometimes the calls are from prank callers who enjoy doing these acts for unknown reasons. This is very irritating to many and in some cases becoming worse, as the callers never reveal their identity. If you are looking for a way to find the person or trace the number, Reverse Phone Lookup is what you need. Conducting an online search will locate many Reverse Phone Lookup services. Once such site is called Phone Detective, and it can be found at

phone detective

What is Reverse Phone Look up?

Reverse phone lookup is a product used to trace or identify the owner of an unknown number. It is very much like an online white page directory. You can search the person’s full identity, including their current and past addresses. Phone detective is one example that offers this product for the following reasons:

  1. Prank callers

  • A prank call is a mischievous telephone call made to scheme or trick someone. They are usually anonymous and difficult to identify. Thanks to Phone Detective, we can now easily identify the harassing caller and give them the correct punishment.
  1. Unknown numbers appearing on your telephone bill.

  • If you are a parent concerned about who your children are talking to, you can use phone detective to investigate the phone numbers.
  1. Locating old friends from high school and college.

  • Rather than scanning a telephone directory to locate your old friends’ addresses, this is a much more convenient way. Simply consult the Phone Detective and they will give you the address.
  1. Missed calls from unregistered numbers

  • Missed calls from unknown numbers could pose dangerous threats, so it is better to take precaution and consult the Phone Detective.

reverse phone lookup

Who is Phone Detective? is a phone directory application that includes unlimited reverse phone lookups that cover landline numbers, cell phone numbers, and business lines located in the United States. The availability of the ownership details depend if the phone number is in their database. This program application is compatible with different types of browsers and computers. An internet connection is required to visit the site. The site is easy to use, as it comes with only 3 simple steps.

  1. Enter a phone number in the search box


  3. Pay to view full results (INCLUDES NAME AND ADDRESS OF THE OWNER)

The paid results will give you up-to-date information based on their database system. The results include the following information:

  1. Phone owner’s name

  2. Current address

  3. Type of phone line

  4. Issuing location with map

  5. Previous addresses

If you don’t find what you are looking for, their staff can help assist in locating numbers without any hidden charges. The satisfaction of their customers seems to be the company’s number one priority. If their database still turns up no search results, they offer a 100% money back guarantee. So it is not a waste investing in or trying their service; if you are not happy – just contact their support department and ask for a refund request. Isn’t it amazing?

Reverse phone lookup service entails both free and paid services. As I mentioned above, you can only view a full search result when you subscribe to a paid service. You need to register for an account provided you have the following:

  • Complete Name

  • Email Address

  • Mailing Address

  • Phone Number

  • Password

  • Birthdate

They also collect other user-generated content that you create. Upon registration, if you are going to choose certain additional services and products then they will collect the following information from you:

  • Credit Card Information

  • Billing Account Information

  • Billing Address

  • Personal Information

  • Information that protects from fraud

The information you provide to them is stored on their servers in physically secure locations. They implement technical security measures to avoid any unauthorized access, and to keep the system up-to-date. Even their own employees are being restricted access to any of your information, and are audited daily. The very sensitive personal information is more secure because it is stored in an encrypted form, and all personal information that is being transferred is in encrypted form as well. The collected information that you provided is being used for the following reasons:

  • Operate and improve their website, products, and services

  • Understand you and your preferences, which helps them to enhance your experience on their website

  • Respond to your comments and questions, while providing customer service

  • Provide and deliver the products and services that you request

  • Conduct research to improve the quality of our products and services

  • Send you info regarding your account, confirmations, security alerts, invoices, updates, as well as administrative and support messages

  • Protect their users against abuse and fraud

  • Communicate with you about new products and services offered by Inflection and our selected partners

They do not usually share your personal information unless you give them your permission. In some situations, they share a minimal amount of your personal information with trusted third parties because they provide them certain services. They also share your information in circumstances like testimonials, business transfers, fraud and abuse prevention. Usually, they display testimonials of the satisfied customers on their site for the reason of endorsing. If you give them your consent, they will post your testimonial along with your name on your behalf. But, if you wish to delete it you can contact them and request for the removal. In terms of legal compliance and harm prevention, they may preserve or share your information in the following cases:

  1. When required by law, regulation, or legal request such as a warrant or subpoena

  2. When you believe it is necessary in crucial situations to maintain the safety or well-being of any individual

  3. To address security, fraud or technical issues

  4. To protect Inflection’s rights or property

Trace phone numbers with Reverse Phone LookupPhone detective is my top pick in reverse phone lookup sites. They offer fast, secure, and safe service. They ensure their customers they are legit, and use legal ways of capturing one’s personal information into their database. They also have the most accurate database of all the reverse phone lookup sites. Since information in the United States is taken from different kinds of sources, this site is more focused on reverse search when compared to others. Because of that, they do an exceptional job in locating a phone number’s owner and their addresses. They keep their database updated 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to assure the satisfaction of their customer. The detailed reverse phone number search is a good value for money.

Becoming a member is easy. You can enjoy unlimited phone lookups for both landline and other listed numbers. You can also enjoy advance people searches, such as being able to contact your old friends, out-of-town family, and even ex-co-workers. Phone detective also specializes in hard to find numbers, and offer an online privacy protection package which will help you remove your personal information from their 44 major databases.

Your search is confidential, so no one will notice that someone is looking for them. You can be a member now by simply submitting your preferred payment option, and checking out using the secure server order form. This is more fun, affordable, and practical than hiring a private investigator. This is the CALLER ID of the 21st Century. The easiest way to learn information on phone numbers is to use advanced search gateways like Phone Detective to grant the customer access to hundreds of millions of landline numbers, mobile numbers, and unlisted phone number records.


I would recommend you purchase the paid service to have the advantage of more detailed searches and a greater customer service response if you need one. If you are a private investigator you will soon start to repent about not purchasing this product earlier in your career. Nowadays, many private investigators use this product and are amazed by its accurate results. An accuracy level of about 99.4% was recorded. This information was based from the evaluation made by the company. You are not going to regret purchasing this product because of their amazing service and results.

At times, it is quite good to identify the personal information of an unknown number. Always read the terms and condition of any site or product before registering and joining them. Also, the privacy policy will help you understand if you are entering a risky situation. I personally recommend because they have already proven their services, and many customers are satisfied after receiving the services offered. Their testimonials are worth trusting and also you are guaranteed a refund if you didn’t receive the information you were looking for.

This review will only guide you on your thoughts, but still the decision is in your hands. Good luck to you and I hope you enjoyed my discussion. Get it now!



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