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Here is an honest review on the "Paleo Recipe book" by Sebastian Noel.

If you were asked to choose one type of diet, which would it be and why? It may sound like you are taking part in a survey, but the truth is the answer is not so easy. It is not easy because there are so many different diets to choose from. In fact, there are even diets out there inspired and endorsed by notable Hollywood celebrities. However, dieting is not the same for everyone, so if you are currently on a diet that doesn’t fit your lifestyle – it’s time for a change in diet plans. The good news is that there’s one type of diet that’s been known to be effective for hundreds of years, and this is called the Paleo diet.

Today, we are here to give you a comprehensive review about the famous diet. The following review will not just give you reasons to use the Paleo diet, but it will provide a non-bias and honest review about the Paleo Recipe Book.

Our Background

Every one of us wants to be healthy and fit, and at the same time live longer. We may deny it, but there are many things to do and enjoy in this life. It would be very bad if you were not able to live life longer because of sickness. That is why we are here to inspire you in choosing the right diet plan. That’s exactly why we are here to discuss the content of this Paleo recipe book and how it pertains to the oldest, yet most effective diet.

Although, some of you might be saying that we are just doing this review to highly promote this product in order to earn a commission it, however we are true to the words that we have included here. We recommend this product because we know that we will be able to inspire you to make healthy changes. We all know that are lot of scams found online, and the truth is we don’t want to be part of any scam industries.

So we have done our thorough research by gaining access to the program. We will include the product features plus the verdict on whether it is safe for you to purchase this product or not.

The Paleo Leap’s Cook Book

Language: English
Cost: $25
Refund Policy: Yes, they offer a 60-day money back guarantee, which is also guaranteed by
Created by: Sebastian Noel – a nutrition enthusiast that has used his spare time to create this cook book, he is also the man behind the Paleo Leap.
Type of Product:  Recipe Book

Initial Impression

paleo diet planThe thing that totally impressed me as I ventured onto the website for the first time was the flavorful design of the page. The combination of colors was pleasing to the eye, as were the photos. It is almost as if one wanted to taste it or something, because as soon as you start scrolling down the page the feelings of hunger will hit you because of the oh so yummy photos. Additionally, you’ll find a two-minute short video that gives a brief introduction about the Paleo recipe book.

As you make another scroll down the page, you will see some information about the book. It is a 400-page book that contains 372 recipes from a variety of 18 food categories. Just adjacent to this information, it informs you that their recipes do not contain items such as dairy, sugar, or others. This simply means that these recipes are following the rules of the Paleo diet.

We also learned that this recipe book is perfect for those who have food allergies, such as an allergy to eggs, because this book also contains 108 autoimmune recipes that are great for them.

The Paleo Cook Book – A Sneak Peak

bonus paleo cheat sheetWith the goal of being fit and healthy, it is already a great idea to take a peek into what this Paleo recipe book contains. Upon locating the highlighted words reading “an inside view”, click it to be taken to a page where you will be shown about “what’s inside”. In the book itself, you will find various recipes to satisfy your appetite for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. There are also recipes that are specially marked with the letters “AIP” on the upper right corner of the page; this mark signifies that the recipe is autoimmune-friendly.

Each of the recipes found on the lower right side of the page contain information about the percentage of carbs, fat, protein, and even cook times. Yet, because it is just a preview they do leave some information out.

So after reading through the entire book, here is a list of things we found most interesting in the Paleo recipe book:

  • Food List – we personally love this part of the cook book. It is because it lets the readers be completely sure that the ingredients included in the recipe are okay for you or not. Another thing we like is that we can simply have a copy of it on our smartphones or bring the list itself.

  • The time charts – if you are not an expert in cooking, the duration of preparing the food is important. This chart made our cooking a lot easier because it helps guide you. Also, using the chart will ensure you’ll never over or under cook foods.

  • Fats guide – some of us know that fats are bad for us. Yet we have discovered that not all types are bad, as our body needs a certain amount. This guide lists the fats that one should have and others that should be skipped when using a Paleo recipe.

  • Finding food guide – we purchased the Paleo recipe book, but there is only tiny problem that every one of us could encounter. That is the store where you can find the correct ingredients, because not all supermarkets and grocery stores will carry what you need. For this reason the finding food guide led us toward an online store where we can simply find the ingredient that we need.

58a97776-bonus-ball-dessertThese are the top useful things that we have found in this cook book. But the great things do not just end there because when you purchase this product, you are entitled to receive great bonuses.

Here are the following Paleo bonuses:

  • The 8-week Meal Plan – the meal plan is already made. So all we have to do is start our week with the right meal for that day.

  • Simple Meals – preparing for a meal means you need to patiently wait until it is cooked. We found this bonus that provides 30 simple and quick recipes that you can quickly prepare and enjoy in no time.

  • Paleo Desserts – this bonus includes 15 desserts that we have enjoyed and even craved since the moment we saw those photos. These desserts contain nothing but ingredients that follow the rules of the diet.

  • Cheat Sheets – portion sizes, thickeners and flours, coconut milk, and troubleshooting the diet are four of the exclusive treats that we have found in this guide. Trust us; it made our life and cooking much easier.

  • Herbs and Spices – we love to bring out the best of every food that we cook. To help with this, the guide gives you the interesting way of preparing a tasty meal by simply using these spices and herbs. Thanks you Paleo recipe.

The bonuses are great and definitely helped in giving us a peace of mind that were staying healthy and becoming more fit.

paleo bonus meals

Knowing the Feedbacks

We have greatly enjoyed cooking many Paleo meals, as they are tasty and filled with nutrition. It hasn’t taken long since purchasing the recipe book to determine which foods are good to eat, and which are not. Yet, the system also helps see that you enjoy your meals by helping add a bit of variety. This has been a popular product for the creator, as many people have already purchased the book. After a couple of weeks the dieters really did cut down on some pounds.

The Verdict

The likeliness of becoming healthier has made people decide to begin a dieting plan. The fact is we’ve found many diet plans that simply offer ways to reach a goal, but aren’t necessarily healthier. Some diets offer extreme workout plans, while others introduce food supplements. However, at the end of the day, many people decide to diet by preventing themselves from eating certain foods. Yet, by simply using the Paleo recipe book you can once again enjoy tasty dishes that are also nutritional.

It shows being healthy doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t eat. This product will teach you how to once again enjoy food and eat happily even on a diet. So, we highly recommend this Paleo Recipe book.



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