Old School New Body Honest Review

Old School New Body

Background and Introduction

Old School New Body in essence is a workout or fitness program designed particularly for skilled or more experienced adults, specifically people aging forty years old and above. Made by Becky and Steve Beckham, this is an advanced fitness system to assist the aging populace to back into shape without compromising time and safety. 

The workout component and core fitness of the Old School New Body is the Focus 4 Exercise of the F4X System. It comes with three separate stages which every stage has a core selection of trainings which take about 90 minutes and less to finish. Every stage focuses on a specific fitness aspect. 

The whole concept of the Focus 4 Exercise is that you begin on one stage and step forward in every additional stage. Which being said, not all stages need to be utilized. If you have reached your preferred fitness objectives, you can utilize the Maintain Stage in order to keep what you have acquired. 

Three Phases of Old School New Body

The Lean Phase

This is initial stage of the Focus 4 System or F4X System, and it is made to assist you to lose fat at the same time enhance your existing fitness level.

The Shape Phase

This is the 2nd stage of the system. This is made particularly to assist you begin developing lean muscle while losing fat.

The Build Phase 

This is the 3rd as well as the last stage of the Focus 4 system, and this is most likely not made for everyone or beginner friendly. You need to have a strong background from the previous 2 phases in order to jump into this step. This stage was made make the most of your bulk muscle. 

Every phase of the F4X System has its individual set of nutrition advice and meal plans which work in relation with the training in order to speed up the results. A lot of exercisers assure the efficiency of the dietary advice as well as meal plans provided  for “The Lean Phase”.  The Shape and Build stages on the other hand appears to be beneficial and educational.

There are many bonuses which are provided with the purchase of this remarkable fitness program in addition to the ebook. 

The People behind this Product

Old School New Body Old School New Body

Who Are Beck and Steve Holman?

Steve Holman & Becky Holman

Steve Holman is a renowned fitness guru and editor in chief of the well-known magazine Iron Man, and he is held that term for more than twenty five year. Steve is been lifting weight for more than 35 years. He began when he was just 15 years old. He wrote more than 20 different books on nutrition, fitness as well as weight lift. He wrote work out articles for many blogs and magazines.

You can see pictures of Steve by searching him in different fitness website online and he looks to be in an excellent shape everywhere. He also has a lot of lots of interviews on various online magazines and fitness websites. This information will provide you self assurance which Steve is skilled and knowledgeable with regards to fitness and weight lifting. 

Becky Holman has been involved in fitness and weight training for more than twenty years, on and off. 

Her biggest makeover took place when she returned into weight training following taking a break to take care her kids. Basically she got depressed with how she felt and looked and determined to do something about it. If you want to look into how a women recovered to gain her perfect body, you need to check out her pictures on Old School New Body sales page. Now, Becky is a habitual contributor to the Magazine Iron Man, writing mostly about nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. There is a YouTube feed under Becky’s name; no doubt Becky is 100% confident and different woman. 

What Does this Fitness Program Offer?

Old School New Body

The eBook

The eBook is the major attraction of this fitness program. It’s what streamlined the Focus 4 System in its whole and illustrates all of its main ideas. With this eBook, you will acquire a detailed look at the 3 stages (The Lean, the shape and the Build phase), the nutritional plan, the meal as well as the trainings. 

The eBook is mostly what you are paying for. You must read all the information contained in the book to obtain the best out of the fitness method. People who bought this product also referred to this guide many times. The best thing about the fitness guide is that it is laid out in a planned manner; it is extremely easy and simple to read.  The different stages are all covered in details, most of the plans are so simple to understand and follow. There are specific trainings which guides through the first timers as well. The best thing is that user could easily get the detailed instructions and videos over each workout section listed in the instruction. 

The F4X System Fast Start Training Guide

The training guide is well thought out as a substitute for people who want to dive right into the trainings without the need of reading the original ebook.  However, we recommend you not to utilized the fast start training that way. In fact, it does have the basics of the training for every stage, however the fast start training guide does not get into details, reminiscent of the main eBook. You can treat this as a warm-up of the course. 

It is highly suggested to read the Old School New Body eBook completely prior to utilizing the Fast Start Guide. In fact, there are lots of valuable detail and information in the eBook. You can use this guide as a reference point for the trainings. 

The “Ultimate” Sequence of the Special Reports

This sequence of reports on the whole is a compilation of the “tips and tricks” in each health-associated niches. The guides incorporated are

The Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets 

Old School New Body

The Ultimate Muscle Building Secrets 

Old School New Body

The Ultimate Sex and Anti-Aging Secrets

Old School New Body

Ultimate Health and Happiness Secrets

Old School New Body

Once you look through the guides. You will see a nice set of tips for every niche. But if you are an avid reader as well as purveyor of detail you can make lots browsing online. 

The Cons of Old School New Body

Ultimate Reports Were Not Amazing & Bonuses does not relate to the core product

For this skilled adult, there are no groundbreaking details provided in the exclusive reports.

We felt that the user could have done better by adding more contents to the core value of the ebook. The bonuses offered in addition to the ebook are “freebies” to present. They are good to have but does not help people who are looking for the muscle building package.  

Lack of Information on How to Do Workouts

The guide really does a good job of registering the individual workouts. On the other hand, some felt it doesn’t show every workout in enough information. This does not replace having a personal fitness coach who is standing next to you and give you suggestions on what works for you the best. 

It’s roughly as if the writer thinks the reader has previous knowledge of fitness and weight training. The best thing is that you could easily get detailed descriptions as well as videos of every exercise with the use of search engine as your sources such as Google and networking site like YouTube. That’s what expert advice.

The Pros of Old School New Body

Effective and Short Trainings: 

Without a doubt, the training system is the most excellent section of Old School New Body. It is the main part of the whole product. The training will really take 90 minutes to complete. And you will see results from your hard work over time.  The trainings and the eBook are worth the cost of admission. 

Less Fear of Harm or Injury and not too Intense

With you become older there is an increased possibility of injury like your back and your knees. The training included in this system are not intense and do not generate strain as other exercise and workouts. 

Audio Interviews 

While they are essential for the program, the audio interviews add a good sense to the whole package. They are informative. 

The Final Verdict

In general, the Old School New Body isn’t some generic training system with an enticing label. It is a true fitness and workout system made by experts for matured individual. If you are searching for something which works, you may have now found it. And in case it doesn’t work the way you want, there is always the sixty-day money back guarantee. Get it NOW



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