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This is a review that will tackle the Magnetic Messaging texting program created by Bob Rio and Rob Judge. It is all about texting tips, advice, and techniques as well as the deadly mistakes that you should avoid when texting a woman.

Writer’s Background

We are guys that know how frustrating and confusing it can be when texting a woman when it doesn’t go the way that you plan it. We know exactly how you feel, but you should know that it isn’t essentially the woman’s fault that she’s turning you away. Maybe you just made one of the terrible mistakes that you should avoid when texting a woman. In this review, we will be tackling one of the attraction/romance programs that is popular these days.

Although we live off the reviews that we do, our sole concern is to give you insights, ideas, and necessary information taught and provided by the said program. We promise you that this will be a thorough review that will provide you with just enough information, as well as our opinion to help you decide whether the program/product is worth of your time and money.

Facts about Magnetic Messaging

Language: English

Cost: $47 USD

Refund Policy: 60-day money back guarantee, 100 % full refund, no questions asked

Created by: Bob Rio and Rob Judge

Product type: Relationships/ Attraction texting program

Product Description:

The Magnetic Messaging texting program by Bob Rio and Rob Judge is comprised of a step-by-step system that will show men how they can craft “magnetic” text messages that will effectively engage, attract, and turn any woman on. The program contains tips, techniques, and advice on how men can create the right kind of text messages to send to the woman they want to turn her on. It also provides information on what texting mistakes you should avoid if you want a woman to really be into you.

This texting program by Bob Rio and Rob Judge gives you instant access to a simple system where you can learn some commanding techniques and attraction methods that you can use to quickly and effectively engage a woman simply through the use of what they call the “key lock system.”

The “key lock system” contains some techniques and concepts which essentially point to the use of a combination of 3 texts, as well as some examples of the things that you should text so that you would always stand out and get her attention. The program is effective in getting the girl sexually aroused and excited about going out with you.

What is best in this program is that you can use it even on girls that have already turned you down. Learning the techniques and concepts taught in this program will allow you to get the girl that you desire even if she’s rejected you before or has put you in the friend zone. Overall, this eBook texting program by Bob Rio and Rob Judge will give you the principles of the texting game that you should know about.

The Key Lock Sequence

The eBook centers primarily on the “key lock sequence.” The term refers to a series of three types of texts that are essential if you want the girl to go out with you. This is the reason the program says that with it, you will learn the “3 texts that will fast track attraction.” The sequence of texts is geared not for you to have a “sexmate” or to be good at texting with girls, but the main goal is for the girl to agree to meet with you in person.

The “key lock sequence” involves three simple things:

  • First is to spark an emotion in the girl you are texting which will act as the key.

  • Second is for you to connect with her, understand what she wants to happen as well as what she doesn’t like.

  • Last is handling logistics – that is by solidifying the facts on where and when the two of you will meet.

In some cases, just three texts are enough for you to get a date, but you must understand that it doesn’t always go that way. As the author claims, the result still depends on you. What is important here is that you know exactly what to do and what you shouldn’t do to turn on the girl that you want.

This eBook is a simple guide that helps you with the exact steps you need to take in order to meet the girl that you are texting. Since girls can be apprehensive with whom they are talking to on the phone, especially when it is a guy, you will need to develop your technique and skills to safely get past their defenses. This eBook is all about how you can successfully do that. Using this program, you can learn the following concepts, techniques and strategies:

What this eBook Will Teach You

With this eBook, you can learn some of the following concepts, techniques, and strategies to turn her on and get yourself a date:

  • Principles of the texting game—what you should do and should avoid to keep the girl from flaking out

  • Getting a date using the “key lock sequence”—how to effectively use the three types of texts to turn her on

  • When and how many text messages should you send to get her hooked on you

  • What you should do to get her to respond to your text messages

  • How to craft your texts so that it instantly grabs her attention

  • How to impart your texts with a character that will get her hooked on your texts

  • 4 Types of “Inside” Jokes you can use to strengthen your connection and increase her need to meet up with you

  • Using “Shredder texts” which are effective in directly moving past her objections and keeping her from detaching from you

  • Use of “Radar texts” that will keep her thinking of you even if she doesn’t respond to your messages

  • And a lot more…

Our Impression

Now, we all know that there are many concepts similar to this in the market. There are so many that it would be hard for anybody to find out which is effective and which are just scams. In this case, we believe that this program isn’t one of those things. We like the fact that the eBook contains nothing but clear-cut, simple instructions on how you can turn the girl on and get her to meet up with you for a date. All the eBook has is vital information that men will be amazed with.

text message tricks

With Magnetic Messaging, whoever that girl is that you want to have a date with, this eBook will provide you with the right and effective ways to get your dream date. The “key lock sequence” is simply effective, but of course, it depends on who is using it and if he is able to use the correct technique in the correct situation.

When we read the eBook, we were amazed with all the information that it provides. It is a complete system that provides you with more than enough information. It is a guide that is jam-packed with first hand strategies and techniques that are based on psychology. The eBook is very informative and fun to read. Another thing that we like about this program is the fact that it isn’t just descriptive text, but is full of instructions that further simplify what the “key lock sequence” is all about. It is well-written and full of examples which make it really a good read.

Overall, we think that this eBook texting guide is for real. The information that it provides is first hand and built on some serious psychological basis. On that note, you can see that it isn’t just some book that is written to get a few bucks for selling it. It does teach you how to use the art of texting for dating. With it, you are able to utilize texting even better than phone calls to achieve real results.

If you don’t think the program works, you don’t need to be mad or anything since the eBook is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee. In case you think it doesn’t work, just return it and you will get a 100% refund of your money. In our opinion, however, you wouldn’t be returning it, especially with all the amazing things that it comes with.

For all those reasons, we highly recommend that you get yourself a copy of this eBook. This time, you will get something worth your money and finally get the date that you want. Of course, it depends on how well you apply these principles. Magnetic Messaging is packed with valuable information and is a safe investment. You can always return it and get your money back if you think you will not get anything from it. Get it here!




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