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Hi there! Here comes a non-biased and truthful review about Learn Photo Editing.

Our Background:

Our group is composed of computer geeks, and we love to discover new things to devour our time and skills with. One of the things we want to learn about is animation. Since we know it is a hard skill to learn and one really needs to attend formal school to properly and easily learn its basics, our group constantly looks for photo editing tutorials or apps that will teach us how to easily edit photos to appear similar to photos composed by animators.

Once we find a good photo editing app, we highly recommend it to all our friends whom we know love the thrill and challenge. One highly recommended photo editing course we have found is the Learn Photo Editing program. From the name itself, it is a course or tutorial with an e-book and videos that teaches a person how to easily learn the proper way to go about photo editing. To learn more about the program and whether it will be beneficial for you or not we have completed a non-biased review about it. The review offers you an informed decision of whether to purchase the course or not.

The Facts about Learn Photo Editing (LPE)


Language: English
Cost: $24
Created by: Patrick who is a professional photo editor, graphic artist, photographer, and colorist
Type of Product:

Ebook and Video that contain step-by-step tutorials on how to edit photos like an Animator.


Initial Impression

Learn Photo Editing aims to teach you how to produce better photos by spending a little money. Once you order and purchase the program, you will be taught many things about photo editing. It will provide you with lots of functions which will let you master photo editing. The program offers easy to follow steps along with detailed descriptions of each step. It also explains how to get your desired effects and more. With basic knowledge in Photoshop, one can easily understand this tutorial. In fact, different than lots of similar courses out there, you are never required to be a skilled digital painter just to achieve stunning photos.

photo editing tutorials

Using the program’s video tutorials will help you bring out colors and details on your images, and even transform your images into advertisements that may be seen on a reality show.

Learn Photo Editing can unleash your passion, potential, and creativity in photo editing. With the program, all pictures can be edited just as you have dreamed them to become beautiful. The course is solid motivation for you to master the art of photo composting, retouching, and manipulation. There is no need for any expensive cameras, as Patrick shares his entire mastery in art through this course. It will take care of everything from A to Z.

The Package of the Course

The whole package of the course includes sixteen professional tutorials that will aid you in reaching a target as early as possible. Some topics in the tutorials include:

  • Step-by-step processes on photo editing

  • Specific guide to boost the beauty of an image you want to edit

  • A series of helpful techniques such as color grading, color correcting, and lighting

  • Secrets of how to combine these techniques to get the best edited images

  • Create studio photos with objects

  • Combining raw photos with advanced color grading and tone mapping

  • Methods of creating an alien through photograph manipulation

  • Transforming photos into covers of magazines

  • Retouching portraits

  • Producing vintage photos

  • Designing post-apocalyptic scenes

  • Matching of color grading and HDR photography

  • Color grading for wedding photography

Introduction to Every Tutorial

  1. Photomanipulation + Color Grading + Retouching. A lot of things can be learned here. Primarily, you will discover how to produce any cartoon character of your choice through photo manipulation, color grading, and retouching techniques. With stocks photos and Photoshop, you can develop a distinct caricature which can then be used as a mascot, logo, character, or anything else you want. You can also use the similar techniques in a softer way to spice up your images or portraits

  2. Advanced Retouching Tutorial. Overall, Learn Photo Editing contains a 130-minute video tutorial that will depict various retouching tricks and techniques to help you transform usual people into cartoon characters. In this particular tutorial, the facial features of a person in an image will be improved, developing their cartoonish look. With addition of some colors and background, the character will be perfect.

  3. Creating Fantasy Portrait. An un-retouched photo can transform into some sort of fantasy character. From the skin, lighting, and color grading to finishing, each will be given attention. Additionally, you will learn to use the background to create a fantasy over a real person’s photo.

  4. Turning an image into a surreal, Disney looking character. This particular tutorial includes an 87-minute video where Patrick will show how to use a person’s photo to turn it into an eye-popping, surreal-looking Disney character. A neat technique will initially be done to retouch the model, and right after photo manipulation methods will be used to turn the image into someone with wacky proportions, giving you a very surreal and cool result. This Photoshop tutorial covers a lot of photo editing facets that will successfully aide you in making any photos pop and entice attention.

  5. Creating a Video Game Look. Since video games nowadays are becoming more and more realistic, there are a lot of people really curious how game developers and designers do this. You do not have to worry because the system features a 2 hour video tutorial that will help you create realistic 3D characters. This tutorial will teach you how to turn a portrait of a person into something which looks straight out of a video game. To make it look even more realistic, you can tone down the effects while maintaining the portrait’s original look. Advanced retouching tricks are used here to develop similar artistic or sleek looks for any portraits.

  6. Adding colors, shadows, highlights and other details in a city scene. Specifically, this video tutorial includes 115-minutes to teach you how to turn a day scene into a night scene. The tutorial will focus on emphasizing details and adding elements and other highlights to spice up the photo. To even accentuate the night scene, shadows can be included as well. Overall, this tutorial will teach you how to enhance any photos which particularly include streets, bridges, buildings, and more.

  7. Creating a Fantasy Environment. Once you are a photographer, you definitely need to learn the photo manipulation art as this is a simple skill that will let you produce so much more than simple photos for clients. For instance, you will develop an image way back in time. Specifically, this tutorial will teach you how to include an incredible and extraordinary background to a photo. It supplies the step-by-step process on how to create the old world or any fantasy environment.

Guarantee of Learning Photo Editing

Through participating and practicing this software created by Patrick, you can become an expert in photo editing. Soon, you will be editing photos just like him. You will master the art of photo manipulation and editing in no time. However, starting out in this tutorial is never easy and that’s normal. If you do not have a background in Photoshop and this is your first time experiencing such courses, it may indeed be overwhelming. This is the reason Patrick, the author of the tutorial, provides a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee available at any time if you think the program is not good for you, or it does not work for you. Once you ask for a refund, there will be no questions asked or hassles to go through. Your money will be given back to you no more, no less.

learn photo editing online

Where to Get the Product?

There is an official website where this Learning Photo Editing is available. Be careful and only negotiate with real resellers. Never be deceived by anyone out there who claims they have the tutorial and want to resell it at a lower price than normal because that only means, it is a scam.

Does the Author of the Product Offer Support?

Yes, of course. For any questions or comments about Learning Photo Editing, you can simply contact Patrick through this address support@learnphotoediting.net.

Is Learning Photo Editing Worth Spending Money On?

Definitely, this course is very much worthy of your money. We highly recommend it to anyone out there who is looking for a comprehensive tutorial guide on how to edit photos the best way. From creating aliens and distorting the face of a person, to creating realistic and fantasy images, this course is absolutely, a well-recommended one. Its step-by-step guide teaches people how to edit photos and is a good start to begin producing future masters in photo editing and photo manipulation. Get it now!




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