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Hello! Today, we are about to impart our unbiased review of Instabuilder WordPress Plugin. We know that many internet marketers and entrepreneurs out there are trying to create a landing page within just few minutes. You might be overwhelmed with tons of information and techniques on how to create landing pages featured online, so hopefully this review will give you better and clearer insights.

Our Background

We are typical people who spend a considerable amount of time online. With so many opportunities found on the internet, many individuals are spending most of their time online for varied purposes. Many are also on a pursuit of creating landing pages, but most of them are not aware of the helpful tools and techniques to facilitate this task easily and quickly.

We have experienced difficulties before and we also faced many complicated tasks and complexities before we finally created a landing page that is unique and profitable. We owe our success to Instabuilder, so in order to help others and end their struggles of creating landing pages we are now sharing this review to give insightful information on whether or not it will work for you.

Facts about Instabuilder

Language: English

Refund Policy: 60-day Money Back Guarantee

Created By: Suzanna Theresa

Type of Product: WordPress Plugin

Initial Impression

Many internet marketers and entrepreneurs are now flocking to the internet believing that the online world is an ideal marketplace where they can extend their reach and visibility to millions of potential customers. Though this sounds true, individuals still need to keep in mind that making an entry to the online marketplace is not enough. They must be equipped with the right tools to help them obtain increased sales and more profitable opportunities.

In our desire to create a landing page in a few minutes without costly fees, we spent a great deal of time researching until we came up with Instabuilder. We have found that this is easy to use and a highly reliable drag drop software that creates landing pages and profit pulling sales pages. At first, we had our doubts on how this WordPress plugin could help marketers and entrepreneurs. So, we bought the plugin and felt happy and amazed with the results.

Get to Know More about Instabuilder

Instabuilder is a functional and revolutionary WordPress plugin that hit the world of internet marketing by storm. This plugin has been noted for its unrivalled functionality and easy to use features. The Instabuilder WordPress plugin was created by Suzanna Theresa. What we really love about it is the fact that this plugin is better than the older versions. It is better in terms of its excellent visual editor and best drag interface. We think that Instabuilder is an incredible plugin to use. This page builder is simply amazing and trumps even non-WordPress competitors including sales pages.

The Facts

It is true that without a properly designed and well-planned sales funnel, it seems impossible to generate long-term money through the internet. Without building a real and sustainable business, you really do not have hope.

Online businesses need traffic that converts and the best way to generate traffic is to have tried and tested a sales funnel and lead generation system in place. This is exactly what Instabuilder does. To sum it up, the optimized sales funnel helps in maximizing and multiplying the return of investment exponentially. Instabuilder is the perfect solution to your WordPress needs. What we liked about it is the fact that this plugin is both fun and easy to use.

What You Will Get from Instabuilder?

With just a few clicks on your computer, this plugin can help you create a landing page and awesome sales pages that allows you the freedom to promote brands and products, capture leads, and much more. We highly recommend getting yourself this plugin because having this simple to use drag drop software eliminates the need to hire costly programmers just to code for you. After short hours of familiarizing yourself with this tool and learning more about it, you can create a landing page easily and quickly. The professional pages you create can definitely add value to your clients.

The plugin comes with over 50 ready-made templates that you can use for your own business. This is an ideal starting point as novices can now build profit pulling sales pages and landing pages in as short as one hour. There is so much decent value included in this plugin such as:

  • Social media integration allowing you to share your exclusive content on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

  • Varieties of stunning opt-in boxes to build email list

  • Comment integration through Disqus and Facebook to engage with the audience

  • Redirects and exit pop-ups to keep potential clients on your web page for long periods

  • Optimizes pages range of mobile devices making your own page compatible with mobile devices.

To highlight its features, Instabuilder is an amazing plugin that can help you create a landing page or sales page that can increases your sales and brings you more profit. The most notable features of this product are:

  • Welcome gate

  • Split testing

  • Over 100 templates ready-made for you

  • Two and three step opt-in technology

  • Import and export feature

  • Built-in image editor

  • Single-click HTML converter

  • Scarcity builder

  • Advanced Analytics

Reasons Why Instabuilder is a Top Choice among Smart Online Entrepreneurs and Marketers

There are many reasons why internet marketers and entrepreneurs consider Instabuilder one of the leading landing page and sales page creation software. The reasons are outlined below:

  • It is Easy and Effective

This plugin features an easy to use interface giving you quick and easy access to all the things you need to build and design high-converting landing and sales pages for your exclusive sales funnels. What we really like about it is that Instabuilder is especially designed with busy entrepreneurs and online marketers in mind. This also features easy navigation, tight controls and UI design specifically built for easier workflow and faster results. We highly recommend getting this plugin because this is the key to producing better pages the quickest and most effective way.

  • 100% Responsive

It is never easy to create a landing page and get the results you want. With this plugin, you just have to choose the elements you prefer to use and then click and drop these elements on the specific area you want them to appear. Instabuilder will do the rest.

With the help of this plugin, you can instantly generate mobile-friendly pages. This is also made possible with the help of the built-in responsive design engine. You create a landing page and this plugin will make your page mobile ready. The pages you will create will also look incredible on tablets, iPhones, and more. Use Instabuilder and begin catching leads and making sales in the fastest-growing section of the worldwide web today.

  • More Better-Looking Templates to Choose From

You can choose from over 100 pre-built attractive templates to easily and quickly create beautifully designed and high converting launch pages, sales pages, webinar pages, squeeze pages, up-sell pages, and more. Start with these easy-customizable and stunning pages and begin creating your own variations or unique pages. We really like the fact that Instabuilder offers you greater flexibility and freedom.

  • Take Control of Every Word

You have 100% control over topography selections, placement, fonts, and designs. You really do not have to be an expert in CSS ort HTML because even without much knowledge, you can create pages on your own with the help of this plugin. You can choose from varieties of built-in fonts and topography elements like textblock control, configuration control, highlighting control, in-line control, and many more.

  • Make Pages the Way you Want It

You can access wide varieties of customizable functions and design elements like videos, text images, buttons, columns, tabbed contents, date stamps, navigation, script editing, Facebook comments, pre-made backgrounds, and so much more. With this plugin, you can gain complete control over each and every facet of the function and design of your pages.

drag and drop landing page creation

  • Mix and Match that Makes Designing A Lot Easier

Gather your preferred elements into one combo or mix and match combo. This is ideal for the continuity of a sales funnel and for faster workflow. With the Instabuilder plugin, you have total control over the function and design of your pages and manage them the way you want.

  • This is Where the Future Technology Meets Modern Days of Marketing

Grab the chance to use this emerging and effective list-building technology. This is now being used by larger companies in building mega-sized lists.

We have bought the plugin and felt happy and contented with the outcome. So, we highly recommend getting this plugin. This is perfect for all serious internet marketers who have the desire for better and bigger results without the need to hire an entire team to make things happen. Instabuilder is your best tool to get on top of the competition. If you are a smart internet marketer, then you will have no second thought on how to benefit from the power of this plugin. We highly recommend it! Get it now!




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