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This review is all about how you can earn as much as $3,647 in just one week by uploading pictures. The review will focus on how this amazing feat can be done and if it is truly possible to do so.

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Created by: Michael Davis, an ex-Walmart employee

Type of Product: Easy money earning program


“Get Paid by Taking Pictures” is an easy and intriguing money-earning guide created by Michael Davis. This program was developed through Michael’s own interesting story. Being a former employee of Walmart, he has lived his life just like every other American, from paycheck to paycheck. However, everything changed when a stranger walked up to him and asked if he would take a picture of that guy, which he did.

He learned that the guy takes pictures for a living, and that you don’t need to have any work experience at all. That event is what changed Michael Davis’s life and turned it around for the better. How? Well, that event prompted Michael to try what the guy was doing. After he learned that the job was legit, he then uploaded some random pictures and amazingly earned more than $500 that day. It’s amazing and pretty interesting stuff that naturally got Michael hooked and helped him create his “Get Paid by Taking Pictures” program.

Product Details:

The guide itself comes in an eBook format which allows for easy use. It includes simple, easy step-by-step procedures on how you can effectively earn money simply by uploading photos from your camera or Smartphone. It also has a member’s only area which provides directory-sites that constantly update, as well as those little-known companies that pay for ordinary photos. This feature of the guide is one of the most important aspects of the program as it provides updates for new income opportunities.

That is the aspect of the guide that we like the best aside from the fact that it contains a wide range of techniques, strategies, tips, and advice on how to increase income through uploading pictures. It also explains how to avoid a decrease in potential income due to some common mistakes. It comes with basic tips on how earning money through uploading pictures actually works. Aside from that, Michael’s program also comes with a good amount of bonus material that you can enjoy to help you with your new income generating venture. Such bonus materials include insider information on hidden markets for this business venture, as well as downloadable Smartphone apps for your pictures.

What is truly amazing about this program is that there’s no other program that is as detailed as this when it comes to helping you earn loads of money by uploading mundane photos. You might think that the idea is somewhat ludicrous, but it makes sense. You can definitely earn a lot of cash once you find these lesser known company’s websites that offer such services. It’s absolutely an easy way to make extra income that can equal to be more than the average minimum wage.

We find it truly amazing that within 20 minutes after you upload your pictures you can begin to earn income, even if those pictures are weeks, months, or years old. There is no limit to the photos that you can upload, so it really is amazing. With the tips and advice that come along with it, you also get a guide on how to maximize the potential of this program.

The best part is you don’t have to be techy or have any photography experience at all. As long as you own a Smartphone or camera, begin taking snapshots of something you see, upload them, and your life can change drastically. Your life can be changed with just some very simple picture – nothing special, but just some ordinary picture. With the strategies included in the guide, you can maximize the potential of this hidden online industry.

Advantages of the Get Paid by Taking Pictures Guide

  • It is an inexpensive product.

  • Includes strategies and tips on how to effectively earn extra income

  • Learn important information to successfully get paid by taking pictures

  • Also has very valuable suggestions on taking pictures and where to upload them

  • The eBook guide comes with a list of some lesser-known companies that pay for taking pictures which is a perfect income opportunity

  • Step-by-step procedures that are very easy to follow for anyone

  • Descriptions included are all particularly oriented and proficiently revealed

  • There is no need for professional photography experience or technical cameras

  • You can use Smartphone technology or simple cameras to take pictures.

From what we can see, the product offers plenty of advantages for you. It’s very simple and so easy you don’t even need to pay special attention in administering it. We like the fact that you can earn extra income even when you are sleeping just for some measly pictures you took some time ago. It’s easy and fun, and we think there’s absolutely no one who wouldn’t like to get paid for simple, fun, and easy work such as taking pictures. Moreover, it isn’t a onetime deal. Your pictures get paid for as long as they are uploaded – even after a year. It’s amazing that you can get paid for such a simple thing.

paid pictures

The eBook contains valuable information, but that information could probably be found even on your own. However, if you don’t want to spend a great amount of time on research to obtain the information, the eBook is best for you. The time and effort for research are already undertaken by Michael Davis, so you don’t have to waste anymore of your time on that. This is one of the beauties of the guide. It’s elaborate and offers plenty of information that is truly essential for you. This guide will save you from long hours of research and common mistakes that you might encounter since this program is already tested, proven, and implemented by Michael Davis.


After careful consideration and examination of what the product offers we saw nothing but benefits. As far as we can see, it is completely legit and offers you nothing but genuine advice and tips on how you can earn extra income just by taking pictures. It’s nothing but a simple and easy-to-use guide book that you will enjoy to read and find very useful. That is if you are ready to decide to let go of your paycheck to paycheck lifestyle.

It’s a great opportunity for people who are looking for online money-making opportunities that are simple and do not require the need for experience at all. It simply is amazing and perfect for anyone. However, even when you are using the techniques provided, you still should not expect that you will earn money. It will solely depend on the person that uses the product and not the product itself. It may be proven effective for some, but one should understand that it depends entirely as to how the person utilizes the techniques and tips given. We like the fact that you only spend a few minutes uploading your photos, but then the rest of the day is free. You also don’t have to upload pictures every day since the photos you uploaded days before are still being paid. Imagine that? We were so amazed by that fact.

On the other hand, if you are able to utilize the techniques and strategies provided, there is a fat chance that you will get the extra income that you want. With just your Smartphone or camera, you can take some ordinary pictures, upload them, and wait for your money to arrive. This simplicity has won our favor and for that, we highly recommend the product.

If you enjoy taking pictures, this is a perfect opportunity for you to turn your hobby into something profitable. We suggest that you get yourself a copy of Get Paid by Taking Pictures eBook and learn the essentials on how you can turn your meager income into loads of money within a short period of time. We highly suggest that you get this program if you don’t want to become enslaved by your barely minimum wage paying job. With Get Paid by Taking Pictures, you’ll find it very easy to earn extra income.  



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