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Cask for Survey

Get Cash for Surveys Honest Reviews

This is an honest review about the site The fact that you’re reading this means you’re having doubts about paid surveys and any site offering such service. Is it real or a scam? Can you really get paid for surveys? You are doing the right thing. Before joining something, do a research about their background and read reviews. This review about will answer all the questions that are bothering you about this kind of program. Let’s begin.

Cash For Survey


Paid surveys do really exist. There are many sites that offer this kind of job, and one of them is the The work is not a scam or scheme. Honestly, I don’t know why several people think that this is a scam and disseminate negative judgments. Remember that hater love to hate. They said that this site is part of Clickbank, and it is true. Clickbank is one of the affiliates of this site. Costing you a little to get registered doesn’t mean it is a scam. This is real and you will really earn a lot here.

Cash For Survey


I’m writing this review because I found it to be real and not a get-to-rich scheme. Gary Mitchell’s story tells us about how he became successful by doing paid surveys. He earned $3000 a month by just doing paid surveys. Luckily, he is not selfish and showed to us how this job works.

Some companies are willing to pay for surveys online. is one of the trusted sites used by these companies to hire survey takers. Each survey will earn you for around $5 – $20. This is a perfect investment for a work. The site made it easy for us to get paid surveys rather than searching and scanning for it. The site acts as the liaison between the company and the survey takers.

If you carefully read the terms and conditions, no one is forced to register in this site and upon registering, you will become an eligible member of the service and it is also been explained why there is a payment to be done. The payment is associated to cover the web hosting and the customer service team.

Regardless from where country you have been, this company offers a 50% discount coupon for new members. Joining with them includes great bonuses to help you earn even more. 60 Day money back is guaranteed if you are not happy for any reason and you will receive a full refund but I think you’ll not regret investing here and I guarantee you that, it will be the best decision you’ve ever made. Still having doubts? Here’s more. You’ll get $50 for the new affiliates who promote the services. You’ll even earn $148.50 at 75% commission with every person that you get to join at them. Yes, it’s so good to be true but believe it! There’s a lot in doing paid surveys.

This is not a get rich scheme. The earning potential depends on the results or output of the member. It is simple as this. If you are a lazy bum doing around 1-2 paid surveys a day, no doubt your earning potential will be very low but when are the hard working type, doing 4-6 surveys daily, using techniques and amazing ideas, you will be able to earn bigger amount of money. It doesn’t mean that when you join, you’ll earn that money in an instant. Remember that being successful is always connected in your attitude and personality. The level of success is also dependent to your determination, commitment to it and how you use the program’s ideas, materials, your knowledge and skills. These factors greatly affect and contribute in individual’s earnings.

All statements that they used are intended to express their opinion of your earnings potential. There are many factors that determine your actual results and there is no guarantees made that you will achieve similar results with anybody else’s.

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If you are wondering if this site is just one of those data gathering site, no need to worry. This site is committed to online privacy that includes the following.

  1. IP Address – help diagnose problems with the site or the web server. This is also used to help you prevent creating duplicate accounts.
  2. Cookies – when you visit the site, a cookie is sent to your computer and that file will be your identification as a unique user. This is also used to track special offers and promotions that may be given to you as you continue to scroll their site so that they can prevent presenting their promotion and offers to you over and over again. You can also control your browser if you don’t want to accept cookies in your computer. Just set your cookies option in your browser and click the refuse cookies or just warn you if a cookie is sent.
  3. Information Gathering – the website collects your contact information in many ways. One example is the filling out of registration form. All collected information about you will only be used by their company, partners and affiliates.
  4. Information Dissemination – Sometimes, your personal information is being used in other third party businesses to bring other opportunities like direct marketing, data enhancement and email marketing. They also use it for advertisement but if you read in their terms and agreement, it is stated that upon registering you agree that such act establishes a purchase, an application or an inquiry as set by the Amended Telemarketing Sales Rule, 16 CFR §310 et seq. (the "ATSR"). If your telephone number is on the list of the Federal Trade Commission's Do-Not-Call List, you have authorized them to contact you through telemarketing according to the guidelines of the ATSR. They may use your personal information to provide better services that includes customized content and advertising.
  5. Redirecting to other sites – Their partners, sponsor, affiliates and other third party members’ site are accessible in their site. Some frames and displays in their site is sponsored and is linked to the sponsor’s site. They are doing this so that you are also able to access or gather information about the sponsor’s site and maybe purchase their own product offerings.
  6. Children Under 13 – Minors under 13 years of age are not allowed to become a member of the site. It is stated in the law and if they discovered that an under 13 registered in the program, their information will be delete immediately by the admin of their site.
  7. Security – Their website is protected against loss, misuse, and or alteration of information that the member provides. The security is tight and they prevent any unauthorized access in the web content and server.
  8. Opt – Out / modify – They provide every user an opportunity of receiving future communication from them. Changing or modifying your information that your previously provided is allowed even removing your information altogether.

Cash for Survey


Most of the time, website like this, is a data gathering programs which means they collect your personal information and in worst scenario you will be hacked. If you’re thinking about looking for a legit online survey website, you have already found it. has provided us a tight security and secure privacy policies. Stated above is very trusting and the site’s design was well designed. It looks very legit.  It’s not really bad earning $5 per hour if you are unemployed, it’s better than nothing. But, when you work harder, you will be able to earn higher. However, always remember that you cannot live your life a long time earning that little amount. It is still better to go out and find better job and get paid higher.

I would recommend you all to try doing paid surveys at not only because of the opportunities offered but also the chance of just earning money at home just using a laptop and your opinions. This is very convenient and you also own your own time. You can work anytime you like. When you feel like not doing anything, it is not a problem but you’ll earn nothing. In some time, you can also act as an HR and recruit and by doing that, you’ll have a 75% commission.

It is an easy job where you can manage your own time. So if you are in debt of a large money or you are unemployed, it is the best chance to rise and prove to yourself that you can do it like Gary Mitchell or be better like him and earn over $3000. Imagine that?

I suggest not wasting this great opportunity and starting living a better life. It may require your time and a great effort but is still not a waste. If you have a lot of spare time you can do it full time. Part time is also good and will help you earn additional money if you are not satisfied with your normal salary.



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