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16 Track sequencer

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The Facts about Dr. Drum – Digital Beat Making Software

OUR RATING of Dr. Drum – The Digital Beat Making Software *****





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Yes,  60 day money-back guarantee

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An intelligent digital beat making software that has been designed to help music producers create unique beats.

Initial Impression

What we really like about this software is that it is very easy to use and have been designed for beginner beat makers, or those who do not have any formal experience or those who want something they can just pick and play.

The software essentially simplifies the studio kit whilst at the same time keeping the ability to compose a track, and sequence and balance it. These functions have been squeezed into as few individual screens as possible thus making it easy for the beginner to navigate the software and use its functions without putting in great deal of effort.


Dr. Drum: Digital Beat Making Software – A Peek Inside

Dr. Drum is an Adobe air app that can work efficiently on Mac and Windows operating system. What we really like about this software is that it is easy to use, just download and use it. The package includes a training video that will help you use the software with ease.  From teaching you how to make your own beats to importing tunes and finished music, the training video will show you how to perform different functions using the software.

The software will give you access to a 16 track sequencer, a full twelve pad drum kit, a 4 octave keyboard, and a library of premade beats for mixing. The sequence offers many advanced features such as pan effect, tone, and volume adjustments. Using different sounds from guitars, you’ll be able to create a composition that’s truly unique.

Through this software you’ll be able to import your own sounds and create truly unique beats. The beat making program makes use of .wav files instead of mp3s which they claim offers a huge increase in sound quality.

This is essentially important when you’re trying to create sounds of professional quality. The software is also integrated with YouTube, which helps you share your creation through social media.

The software pack includes;

16 Track sequencer

Using the 16 track sequencer, you’ll be able to compose and edit your music; a powerful highly intuitive interface allows you to mix your beats without the headache that comes when learning other complicated software.

16 Track sequencer

12 Pad Drum Machine

The package also includes 12 pads per kit and a huge database of exclusively mastered sounds. Using the drag and drop, you’ll be able to import your own custom sounds and use it with your own beats.

12 Pad Drum Machine

4 Octave Keyboards

The package also includes a 4 octave keyboard where you can add guitars, pianos, synth, strings, FX and much more.

Unlike other beat making software, Dr. Drum will automatically scan the imported sound, figure out what note it is about and recreate notes for you thereby giving you a full 4 octaves from your single sample.  

4 Octave Keyboards

What we absolutely love about this software is that, you’ll be able to put out the best beats possible. This easy to use beat maker software includes tutorials that will take you step by step through how to use the system and make your own beats.

And the best part is that there is nothing complicated about the system. You can begin making beats even if you have touched any musical equipment in your entire life. The package comes with training tutorials that show you how to make almost any type of beat you want, be it R&B, Techno or trance – like a pro.

Is The “Dr. Drum – Digital Beat Making Software” Program Worth Spending Money On?

Absolutely! We think the ‘Digital Beat Making Software’ is an incredible program for all music lovers who want to create their own beats but do not have any prior experience. For the price of $29.95, you’ll find no other program out there, guaranteed. We think Dr. Drum is a great piece of music production software and once you’ve explored the software, you’ll definitely find it easy to make beats and instruments making use of the software’s simple interface, even if you don’t have any prior experience.

While the program definitely is not like having a full studio, once you get the hang of it, it is one of the best software solutions for music producers out there. Yes, we strongly recommend getting yourself the software. Get it now!


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