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Affiliate marketing has gained great interest from various people, as it develops exceptional and newer ways of addressing people’s needs. Now, thousands of entrepreneurs have taken great advantages of it by creating various services and products that people can benefit from. Most of these are good but some are not. Fraud and scammers are taking advantage of people’s innocence and financial capacity by creating untruthful sites which promise effective and efficient results. Due to the misleading and untruthful information provided by these deceitful individuals, people tend to be more careful before buying things online.

Creating unbiased and uncensored reviews is the objective of this site. If you’re looking for exhaustively unbiased and 100% honest reviews about Clickbank University, just keep on reading since this site contains detailed information about this popular training site.

Product Rating: *****

Product Name: Cllickbank University

Created by: Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz

Language: English

Category: Affiliate Marketing

Cost: $47/month

Upsells: $97 (onetime payment), $297/year

Bonuses: $2814 value

Refund Policy: 60-Day 100% Money Back Guaranteed with No Questions Asked

Overview about ClickBank

For those who are unfamiliar with this program, it is considered to be the biggest affiliate marketing network these days. There are two ways of generating income using Clickbank:

  • As a Vendor: You can begin by making money just by creating digital products such as training courses, EBooks, software, and membership sites. You can put your products in front of a large audience just by submitting it to marketplace that contains diverse categories like fitness, languages, computers, cooking, and more. Numerous affiliates promote products from Clickbank and other customers who purchase directly from it.

  • As an Affiliate Marketer: Just by promoting products, you can start generating commissions that vendors pay. This can be done by choosing products that you want to promote just by visiting the Clickbank marketplace and selecting from their assortment of products and niches. For you to be able to increase earnings, simply select products that offer high commissions and gravity.

About ClickBank University

Clickbank University or simply CB is a membership website that teaches people how to begin generating money online by selling and creating products as a vendor. You will also gain knowledge on how you can promote another person’s products as an affiliate marketer. The CB University’s main idea is to aid you in using your hobbies and interest towards video games, self improvement, beauty, fashion, writing, cooking, and more to establish an online business through Clickbank.

Things you will learn:

  1. Strategies regarding PPC, SEO, Joint Ventures, List Building, and more.

  2. Proper ways to start product promotions while becoming an affiliate to promote to help you increase earnings.

  3. Proper ways of creating websites where products will be posted for easy purchase by visitors.

  4. Ways on how you can find success in utilizing other people to pay for your interest, personal knowledge, and hobbies.

What will Clickbank University members will receive from this system?

  1. Home: When you become a member, you will receive a welcome message and instructions on how you will start. They will provide orientation on how you can create a CB university-profile.

  2. Class Sign-up: This section is the area where members can sign-up for live weekly classes. Each week, live webinars are provided to cover a question and answer segment.

  3. Site Builder: If you desire to become a Clickbank vendor, this portion will be showing you the exact procedure. You can easily create high-converting sales pages in a short span of time.

  4. Beginners: You will gather step-by-step procedures on how you will generate money by selling and creating products online. This area includes modules for Product packaging, your initial product, selling pages using up-sells, product pricing with funnels, covert guests into buyers, building email lists, leveraging JV-Partners, getting approved, graduation, and the next procedures to follow.

  5. Advanced: In this area, you will gain knowledge on how the most successful vendors and affiliates of CB are generating traffic. Even conversion strategies will be provided for you to apply inside your system. These strategies ensure the traffic you get will become sales. There are also advanced ways provided to aid you in generating money quicker. This section encompasses the following modules: making visitors become subscribers, advanced tactics on selling, split testing with conversions, JV-traffic with social, advertising banners, paid advertising, YouTube Presence knowledge, PPC Facebook and Google, SEO, Mobile optimization, Facebook like Ads, and more.

  6. Affiliates: This section provides information on how you will earn commissions being an affiliate marketer and promoting other individual’s products, which leaves you lacking the need of having your own website and products. This focuses on promoting other people’s product and make commissions out of it.

  7. The University Talks: This is one of the essential sections since this is where popular affiliates and vendors share their knowledge and background on how they were able to get into their position.

  8. CB University Community: This can be compared to as a forum. This is where people under CB University create JV’s, and can communicate and share information with other people.

sell clickbank productsClickbank University Up-sells:

  1. The Clickbank Website Builder $297/Year: this will allow a user to build their products on CB. You will have the ability to create products in various niches that you have chosen such as health, self-defense, weight loss, and more. This can be done by creating a new product or project, and then the entire funnel will automatically be created from sales pages, affiliate pages, product pages, up-sell pages, and thank you pages. This comes with a training center where you can learn the step-by-step processes on how to set-up and edit products in your project which will be established using the Clickbank website builder.

  2. CB Advanced Master Class for only $97 (onetime payment).

The CB University Support

CB University provides online support through a ticket system, community forum, and weekly live Q&A session. Through this people in the community can provide technical support quickly if the system support you requested were not able to do so due to the vast number of client queries and issues. As a member, you may also comment below training videos, and get in-touch with Adam and Justin through their Facebook-page.

The Good

  • Provides top quality training videos.

  • Users can try the program for seven days for a low $1 trial offer.

  • Adam and Justin are utilizing similar methods and approaches when teaching effective ways of generating money on CB.

  • Teaches efficiently how to create your own informational products

  • Offers $300 discount once you purchase their annual membership.

  • Ideal for beginners who don’t how know how to go about making money online using affiliate marketing.

  • Provides exceptional customer support.

  • Offers community area for Q&A.

  • Offers a 60-day 100% full money back guarantee on all products.

  • Live seminars weekly with several industry experts.

  • Offers ideas and knowledge on how you will establish unique websites that fit your own interests and passions.

The Bad

  • Does not contain information on how to find SEO positive keywords.

  • Some videos lack training and are vague.

  • Does not provide SEO training.

  • All training focuses on how you will use CB as an Affiliate Platform.

  • Requires additional payment for website creation and hosting.

  • Community area is limited and vast queries go unanswered.

  • Highly overpriced.

Final Verdict about Clickbank University

To sum it all up, Clickbank University is one of the leading, well known, legit and descent program these days. This is highly commendable due to the exceptional training it provides to people who desire to gain more income and get rich using Clickbank. Even if there are some flaws in the system, CB University still makes people succeed in achieving their dreams.

There is no perfect system. Complaints will always be complaints. Even if there are known unsatisfied people, there are more satisfied individuals who feel lucky that they have availed of it. People’s opinions differ, so just bear in mind that CB University is not an overnight miracle. The program does require perseverance and motivation. You need to work for you to get rich and not just sit and wait for it to do everything on your behalf, CB University is the most effective program that has ever existed.

What are other people are saying about Clickbank University?

  • The creator of this program is really smart; we really adore them and the product. They are the most honest and likable individuals ever existed.

  • When we heard about CB University, we got thrilled and excited since I can create products on my own without the need of promoting others.

  • We are absolutely walking in sunshine and fortunate to have joined CB University. With their tactics and approach, we know that our business will gain great profit. This is truly a mind blowing system which makes our future brighter and more worthy.

  • We love this program, aside from providing useful information; it also carries a great number of bonuses that can definitely help us improve our business.

  • We highly recommend Clickbank University, even if the cost is a bit expensive, every cent is worth it. They know how to value their client’s money by giving dependable support, training and approach.




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