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Music is one of the few things that definitely laid a significant path in making connections between races around the world. It is indeed a great medium of showing one’s affection, interactions, and most especially emotions. Who among you knows someone who doesn’t like music? Most of us really love music and are addicted to it.

Aside from being influential, the magic of music has put a lot of people on top of their games and became outrageously rich and famous. This undeniable fact has made more people motivated and ready to take risks, but then again it is not just enough that you love music, as you should also have the means to invest in instruments and also in a music software program that will help you release the music you have been dreaming about.

This is the main reason why we came out with this review. The review embodies the significance of how worthy the software is and if you can use it for what you need. Talking more about the BTV Music Introduction Software, will this software help you in bringing out the greatness out of your music or is it just a waste of money? Let this become an eye opener to whatever decision you will make.

Let’s Take A Peek At BTV Music Introduction Software

For music producers to reach the high-end and create appealing music, music software is a basic that’s used. Through this, professional music production has become more refined. There are cheaper softwares for music production but the features are largely limited including the effects, mastering tools, and most important the results produced. Because of this, the sounds which are created are considered amateurish. So, how can the BTV Music Introduction Software help you and how different is it from others? Let’s see!

The Advantages


The BTV Music Introduction Software is primarily governed with a uniquely made layout when compared to more modernized tracks, as well as layers compared to other lines of software. It is preloaded with thousands of engineered sounds wherein creating beats is made easier, as well as drum kits to induce you with more mesmerizing music ideas. It will surely produce sounds even more appealing to the ears. What we like about this software is that it produces sounds which are high in quality thus have appeal just like the songs you hear on the radio.

Perfectly designed for all levels

It is also loaded with multi-premade loops perfect for beginners. The interface lets the user use a mouse in selecting beats and even makes use of a keyboard. We really like the fact this kind of software cares for people at different levels. It is specifically designed with simple functionality, layout, navigation and versatility. It helps you in making your own sounds even from scratch. No wonder, this software has helped big names in the music industry gain the titles they have achieved all throughout the years.

Functionality and flexibility

Since the BTV is no longer traditional, the music you create now can be quantized automatically wherein the system will match the beat’s rhythm to the tempo automatically avoiding sloppy creations. Through this, you are able to import a variety of sound files and add them all to your personal sound library.

Through this, you are provided with quicker access to different export methods giving you the opportunity of getting the song elements you need. By doing this, you are able to continue the production while creating, sequencing, and even mixing a song.

Moreover, the software has a specific section made for editing WAV files and adding effects such as delays or even reverb is made possible. The user can even create different sounds from the simplest to the most complex, and also if they want they can even play melodies in the easiest way possible. This is done by connecting a MIDI device externally to your software.

Mastering tools

You are in control of the music you make because of the mastering tools and effects offered by the software. There is a wide range and variety of effects tools. These include the following: phasers, pitch- shifters, vintage vinyl effects, flangers, and more. These tools will be helping you achieve the most perfect sound you ever wanted.

Though the mastering part is the most technical part of learning the software, still this will indeed help you in listening carefully to the most important part of the sounds including bits of changes and how they are arranged. The mastering tools include: compression, volume adjustment, and limiting as well as the EQ that serves for editing minor flaws of sounds.

music productionArrange quickly

Another thing making this software stand out from the rest is that it has the BPM button (“beats per minute button”). Once you tap it, the adjustment you want to make to a certain song is automatically done, as well as giving you the means of using the same line of time signature for the song you are creating. You can make use of a song or even a movie clip by adjusting the sounds of it to fit in your desired track.

The Disadvantages

Even though the software is preloaded of bunches of high-end sounds and loops, looking for a specific beat is difficult for this lacks a search panel. It is time-consuming considering how you must search through all the sounds you need for the beat. Yes, this BTV software promotes modernization but this is not enough, it lacks the profoundness and greatness brought by traditional tracks and layers.

The process of creating music through this software is made quicker, thus the user is considered as “in- control” of the whole system. And since this is no longer using the interface which is traditional, it doesn’t have the feature of drag-and-drop as well as the “master bus track.”

This software is not complete and lacks other features, still it allows you to do the work in the simplest way and provide impressive results.

How To Make Music Tutorials

What we really like about the BTV Music Introduction Software is that it provides tutorials to its users helping you in understanding what this software can really do, as well as familiarizing oneself to its offered kind of interface. By watching the tutorial videos, you will be able to find useful tips and even tricks that will make the work of creating beats more professional and perfect.

If the tutorials are not yet satisfying for you, there are several videos posted on YouTube you can rely on, or you can always browse the website and join the forums. These forums will help the user of the software to learn, as well as gain help from professionals who are also using the same music software.

Furthermore, users of the software are given lifetime upgrades wherein you are given the chance of increasing the abilities of the BTV software. Aside from the tutorials, you are also given the chance of making use of the Custom Drum Kits Builder. It is a good way of customizing all the drum kits as well as sounds you have. You can make your personal form of combination and keep it all in a specific file helping you to become more synchronized and make beats even faster.

Render Support

If you are stuck in the middle of performing a certain task and you don’t know what to do, BTV representatives are made available.

These representatives will be helping in answering all your queries about the situations you are in, whether it is a clarification on how to make adjustments in your BTV software or other related problems such as struggling with the software. You are encouraged to give the company a call or an email. If you can no longer wait, you may even talk with a support engineer through live chat who can give you answers to questions about the software or even the techniques for better music production.

The Bottom Line

There are very few types of professional music production software on the Internet that are within the capabilities of the BTV software. They are not as simple and user-friendly as this one. Producers have chosen this program, as it has the capabilities of producing high-quality beats and music. It is simple and not too complicated for beginners most especially seeing that a large mass of music lovers are youth.

Furthermore, it is considered powerful enough for rising music producers. From the status of being a rookie, you can now achieve to become an expert producer because of the high-quality tutorials provided only for you.

We think that the BTV Introduction Music Software is incredible music software you should be getting because it is not just user-friendly but also makes the creation of beats easier. Your personal music flavour is prioritized and will be heard all throughout the song. Although it lacks certain features, still the simplicity of this software makes it great than other options.

We highly recommend getting yourself the BTV Introduction Music Software for it is affordable and very ideal to a broader scope of learners.




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