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Hi there! Today, we would like to share with you a non-biased and sincere review about the Blackout USA Program.

Our Background:

Since my family lost not only one but three of our loved ones from a natural calamity some years back, we have always been afraid of natural and man-made calamities. Maybe, this is a consequence of what happens when you lose loved ones. It was really such as bad experience for us. We were really hurt to lose good people in our lives. But what can we do? We know it was their time, so we really have to accept it. However, you can never remove the feeling of being uncertain from inside us. Whenever there is bad news about the weather and there is a typhoon or heavy rain coming, it really is hard for us to calm down. We see to it that even before a calamity occurs, we are prepared days before. Once a blackout happens, we see to it that our emergency lights and flashlights are all fully charged to provide us light until the electric power comes back.

As one of our concerned neighbors sees our uncertainty and extreme anxiety when there is a calamity, she advised us to join a disaster risk management program. Or if we did not want to do that, she told us we should buy this Blackout USA Program. At first, I was skeptical. My family and I know the trauma we have experienced will always be there and will never be taken out from us no matter what. But since I personally got curious about what this particular program is, I went online and searched it on the web. I didn’t know if it was a good move or not because I really was more curious about the program and this made me buy it in an instant.

Perhaps, because there is no risk in buying it since it offers a 60-day money back guarantee, I ordered it both in its digital and physical product. After reading it and letting my family read it too, we were happy that this kind of program was created. We highly recommend the program to everyone out there who has a trauma on calamities and has also experienced what our family has experienced. We highly recommend it because we are confident you will be able to survive any future calamities (God forbid) if you have this program by your side.

We believe the program was really created for people like us. Now, we want to share how this program has helped us get through our uncertainties. We will give you a detailed and honest review about this program. By the end of the review, we hope that we have helped you make an informed decision of whether to buy the Blackout USA program or not.

The Facts About Blackout USA Program (BOUP)


Language: English

Cost: Normal —$ 49.00 Discounted — $ 29.00

Refund Policy: 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Founded By: Alec Deacon (a specialist in rural and wilderness survival.) He collaborated with Charles Green, another survival expert to get this program completed.

Type of Product: Digital and physical product

Initial Impression

Do you remember the last blackout you encountered here in the US? It was surely annoying, frustrating, and miserable, wasn’t it? Blackouts definitely mean there are no lights, no lamps, no water supply, no radio, no TV, no iPhone, no fridge, and a lot more. Such a condition is what everybody does not want to experience. This is because without such, life in the modern world is senseless. However, there is a circulating rumor or rather a prediction by NASA that dark days will happen to the US due to solar flares. Once this happens, it will create a blackout all across the USA that will be terrible. It is really terrible for it will not only transpire for a couple of hours, days, or months but it might even be years. This is the reason why Blackout USA was founded and created. It is a solution to help you know how to prepare for the dark days ahead. This predicted calamity is not a joke so the program will get you ready and more aware.

Solar Flares—What Does this Mean?

Solar flares are described as a condition wherein there is an explosion from the sun to the earth that will result in a blackout of all power supply across the globe.

Can you imagine how silent the world will be when this blackout transpires? Many activities will stop in an instant after the blackout. However, Blackout USA is the solution to help you and your family prepare from this blackout. Since there are certainly a lot of things which you cannot do in the dark without electricity, the program will show the solution you need to survive the dark days. It has certified secrets that you must know.

Getting to Know about Blackout USA Program

This program is introduced by Alec Deacon, the editor of This program claims to be a first-class course that educates people on how to survive an Electronic Magnetic Pulse (EMP) incident that will cause all electronic devices useless, whether it is due to solar flares or something else altogether.

An EMP is so strong that it can damage your electric appliances, electricity lines, paralyze a whole country, and cut down telecommunications. Getting back to standards can require years of altogether irrespective on how well-developed a country is like the USA. EMPs are not only generated by a solar flare. A lot of nuclear explosions produce a powerful EMP. This is the basic reason why scientists secure all their communication and electric lines from its effect, whenever they perform the testing.

The Relationship between Blackout USA and EMPs

As previously discussed, EMPs are something that occur with nuclear explosions. A nuclear explosion can reach hundreds of kilometers over the earth’s surface, making it enough to ruin cities altogether. Are you ready and prepared for such an explosion and attack? Simply imagining the impact of an EMP detonation is horrible. Everything will go back to basic. Life will go back to the earliest era where there is no electric lines, no communication means, no appliances, and no medical aides since hospitals are being impacted.

Orderliness and laws will be worst. People will most probably be in riots and quarrels. Similar to how a riot occurs when fanatics of a particular football team has lost their game, this can also be anticipated in such situation. This only means that if you want to secure your family and everyone else that you love from an EMP impact, you perhaps need to do more than normal preparation. You will most likely need plenty of help to learn how to keep a good stand in such a situation. You will definitely need a certified EMP survival plan.

In order to have an EMP survival plan, the Blackout USA program contains the combined knowledge of Deacon and Charles Green, who both lived in an Amish community for about 2 years to learn about century-old methods of living. Some of things that this dark days and EMP survival plan will teach you are as follows:

  • How to set up a simple device which will protect your electronics from an EMP attack

  • How to become untraceable by severe looters

  • Five most important electronics you will need

  • How to avoid medicines and food from spoiling

  • The must-have medicine and food supplies

  • How to maintain the appliances and keep your car running after an EMP

Pricing and Refund Policy of Blackout USA

Normally, Blackout USA is offered for a price of $49. It can be obtained through downloading the product. However, if you choose to add the physical course into your shopping cart and click off the ordering page, you will automatically get the product for as low as $29. Besides the Blackout USA course, the program also claims to let you receive two special reports: “How to make your Own Pharmacy” and “Off-Grid Home Protection Systems”. Additionally you’ll get unlimited access to the member’s area of This site offers a complete guide on how to survive various calamities, either natural or man-made.

For its refund policy, Blackout USA comes with a sixty day money back guarantee. Advantage is the course is literally risk-free as they will refund your money in the event that you are not satisfied. To initiate the refund procedure, you have to get connected with the program’s customer service hotline at (888) 247-1614.

survive an emp attack

Is the Blackout USA Worth Spending Money On?

The answer to this question is definitely a yes. You simply need to thoroughly understand what the program contains, as well as its course. All the pieces of information available in this program are worth its price tag. This is why we highly recommend the program to everyone out there who wants to be fully knowledgeable on what to do when there is a calamity, most particularly the dark days prediction in the US. This program has a complete EMP survival plan. Get it now!



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