A Review to Lift Weights Faster Program

lift weights faster

Hi! This article is here to give everyone an in-depth, honest, and fair review about the Lift Weights Faster Program.

Our Background:

We, men can really be vain about how tone our muscles are and how they are perfectly shaped. Aside from the fact that we want to stay healthy, we want to look great that’s why we regularly go to the gym. After a member of our group of friends stated his concern to lose weight and to become buff like everyone else in our group, we researched about weight loss programs that could help him reach his goal. Actually, a regular session in the gym is not enough because he had a lot of extra fat built-up. We believed that our friend really needed another healthy way to lose weight. Through our extensive research, we discovered the Lift Weights Faster Program.

What we really like about this program is the fact that it involves more interesting exercise routines than the ones we do in the gym. As a result, not only the friend wanting to lose weight, but everyone else in our group tried the program. We gave up going to the gym and devoted our “gym time” to this program. So far, as we have been using it for months, it’s really amazing. We are really amazed how easy the exercises are but they are enough to keep our muscles toned and shaped. To give you an update on our friend who wanted to lose weight and get fit, oh well, all his fat has now vanished. It’s like magic. Using the program together with discipline and a good mindset has indeed brought good things for him. Now, he is starting to build more muscles on the chest, arms, and tummy.

As we wanted to share the things that we really like about this program with others, we made an effort to write a review about it. So today, we are going to give you a fair and honest discussion and review about what the Lift Weights Faster Program is all about. All the vital details will be discussed so that at the end of the review, you will be able to make an informed decision of whether to buy the Lift Weights Faster Program or not.

The Facts about Lift Weights Faster Program (LWFP)


Language: English

Cost: $79 for the Silver Package and $99 for the Gold Package

Refund Policy: Yes

Created by: Jen Sinkler

Type of Product: Downloadable E-book

Initial Impression

Lift Weights Faster is the incredible bodyweight fitness and weight loss system that focuses on giving an enjoyable and attainable toned figure to its users. It works because each of its workout sessions is enjoyable, giving the user further motivation and eagerness to continue what he or she has started. This eagerness then guides to regularity and as a consequence the people are able to burn body fats and elevate their physical fitness. Moreover, by the name of the program itself, the main focus in order to lose weight and attain fitness is about lifting weight faster. For instance, the number of lifts you can do for a particular time period.

The program is primarily an e-book founded, designed, created, and advertised by Jen Sinkler. Sinkler is a remarkable fitness and health writer, editor, and a private fitness trainer with over 10 years of experience. For a number of years, she competently played for the US Nationwide Women’s Rugby Team. She has been a weightlifter trainer of the US Olympics and she holds multiple recognitions in weight training like crossfit, kettlebell, and the like.

Her experience and research for more than a decade has directed her to produce this amazing program. It is a great program that teaches the user correct techniques in exercise whenever working out. The Lift Weights Faster program has an overall 130 conditioning workout practices which involve 225 different workouts. Together with the e-book workout guide, the user can get a complete know-how description of each exercise along with video clips and images illustrating technical exercises. Aside from the spectacular results the e-book has to offer, there are other proven effective benefits the program has in store for everybody. You can take advantage all of this through directly getting the program from its official website.

A Detailed Look at Lift Weights Faster

Lift Weights Faster can be ideally described as a breakthrough fitness program. It helps shed those unwanted fats and produce toned and perfectly shaped muscles without involving any boring and laborious exercise routines. Certainly, most people are under the impression that cardio exercises are the best mode of exercise.

Lift Weights Faster comprehensively utilizes various approaches and Sinkler claims that there is no need to have another workout routine or make trips to the gym once you are using her program. Sinkler is positive that the program can be effective for everyone since it seamlessly combines the advantages of moderate to extreme sprinting and lifting, which work great in fat melting and muscle building.

The program has a total of 225 various exercises, and each one is classified according to their time duration such as 10, 20, or 30 minutes. It is especially designed to help an individual lose weight and build more muscles, and in general, improve his or her health. It supplies tips and tricks that can be useful in the fat burning process. It can also develop your balance and posture. The program is expected to give the user the best of both worlds: losing fats and obtaining the benefits of an extreme cardio workout along with building more muscles.

lift weights faster 2What’s Included When you Purchase the Program?

The handbook of this program provides a step-by-step guide to help the user accomplish the program in the appropriate way. Specifically, this manual is a series of workout practices which include:

  • The Conditioning Workout Collection: This contains all the information about the gears you will need to accomplish the program correctly, as well as the calculated time for every workout.

  • A Lift Weights Faster Equipment Guide: The main goal of this guide is to help the user in choosing the best weapon for his or her workout routines. Sinkler made an effort to assist you in selecting the most proficient and useful gear so that time and hard-earned money will never we wasted on popular yet no-so-efficient gadgets and tricks.

  • A Lift Weights Faster Workout Glossary: This contains a distinct variety of images with detailed descriptions of the 225 exercises proven to help someone lose weight.

  • A Lift Weights Faster Workout Video clip Library. This recording library can aide you through essential exercise rules anywhere you are and anytime you want

  • A Year of Totally-free Account to Adaptifier.com: This one year membership subscription lets you save and track your improvement in order to periodically evaluate your issues and how can you surpass them. This lets you become motivated and refurbish your exercise routine for further spectacular results.

Aside from all this, you can additionally get access to twenty guest workouts from top fitness professionals. Not only do you get the workouts from Sinkler and her team, but guest workouts from top pros in the industry of weight loss and fitness. You will have the chance to learn workout tips from the best of the best people in the business. Each one is remarkable and reputable. They are best in any of the following fields:

  • Brute strengths

  • Olympic lifting

  • Athleticism

  • Kettlebell training and a lot more!

Who Is This Program Intended For?

The program is meant for anyone who wishes to lose fat and wants to build more muscles. Whether you are an amateur athlete or anyone who’s training for fitness and good health, you can use the program. Both women and men of all ages, even those people who have had bad experiences from other fitness programs can employ the program for their benefit. They can now challenge themselves to perform cardio exercises.

build more musclesThe program is never about starving yourself and doing endless cardio exercises. These practices will not lead you to your aim of becoming fit but instead point you to poor and imbalanced health. Hopefully, the program assumes that you already have an idea about common terminologies, practices, and procedures in workout since the Lift Weights Faster program does not dig deeper in explaining what these terms mean and how the procedures work. Most of the terms used in the program are circuits, set-reps, pyramids, and resistance training.

Additionally, even though the program is designed for women and men, there is always a stigma with women lifting weights. If you are a lady who appreciates and knows the role of weight lifting in losing weight, fitness, and cardio then you will be totally comfortable with the program. Otherwise, you are better off enrolling in an aerobics class or seeking out for a pure bodyweight workout practice.

Is the program Worth Spending Money On?

Yes, the program is definitely worth every dime of your money. What we really like about this program is that it offers a sixty-day money back guarantee to ensure you are risk-free in purchasing and using the product. Get it now!




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