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6 minutes to skinny

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This is a comprehensive review on the weight loss program “6 Minutes to Skinny”. Here, you will learn everything that you should know about this program to help you make an informed buying decision.

Our Background:

We are just like any other busy people out there who don’t have time for fancy diet plans and long, tough exercises. We cannot deny the reality of what we get from promoting different products online. We make money by promoting them. However, we are still concerned with people’s interests so we just focus on promoting of those products that are certified effective and have the potential to bring a significant change in a person’s life who is currently struggling to lose weight.

Scams are everywhere on the web these days and we don’t want to be one of the scammers out there. This is one of the reasons we struggled to gain full and fast access to 6 Minutes to Skinny. Through that way, we were able to explain to you each of the benefits and any disadvantages that we can find while using this product. We hope that you will be able to make the most favorable decision for yourself after you read this review.

The Truth about 6 Minutes to Skinny

Our rating for 6 Minutes to Skinny: *****

Language: English

Cost: $27

Refund Policy: Yes, 60-day money back guarantee assured by ClickBank

Created By: Craig Ballantyne (an expert in nutrition, health, and fat loss)

Type of Product: weight loss program

Initial Impression

This weight loss program is pretty easy to understand, as it comes with a series of short video clips. Each of the videos will show you the best tools and simple instructions to follow so that you can start burning stubborn fats easily. We really like this program because the tricks to effective weight loss are carefully explained here and you will never find a hard time in following the given steps to lose weight.

6 Minutes to Skinny – Take a Peek Inside

This is obviously a weight loss program, but this is likewise a lifestyle program. It was created because of the combined years of experience of its creator, Craig Ballantyne, and more than a decade of research. 6 Minutes to Skinny is a weight loss program that teaches anyone to understand his or her body, relate to it, and then do the best things at the correct times.

This program is more about metabolic cycling and about understanding a chain of actions that are taking place within the human body during the day while applying exercise and dieting to get the best results. In 6 Minutes to Skinny, you’ll learn a lot of fat burning tips to help you in boosting your metabolism, confidence, and your body’s ability to lose weight.

About the Author

The author of this fat loss program is Craig Ballantyne. He is one of the most popular experts in metabolism and nutrition studies. He has been consulted for suggestions and advice about weight loss by more than 10 magazines that are nationally syndicated, and these include Men’s Fitness, National Geographic and also, Women’s Health. His own understanding of the new scientific research into exercise, nutrition, and metabolism is incomparable.

How Does 6 Minutes to Skinny Work?

The author of this weight loss program claims that it is a weight loss breakthrough. In this program, you will be taught why every person who wants to lose weight should eat and work out according to his or her body’s natural cycle. Doing so is the main reason one can gain better results without having to exert too much effort when trying to burn and eliminate those stubborn fats. In addition, you will discover the right way to do the things that need to be done throughout the different cycles every day in line with movements and foods. This is the core of this program.

On the other hand, there are more things that you’ll learn in this program and these include:

  • Why you should avoid too much workout. They give the reason that it’s unnatural and it can cause over-training that can make your body remain in a recuperation stage instead of burning fats.

  • Why sugar is considered as the major obstacle in fat loss. There is so much more to learn concerning the way that sugar affects weight loss. Sugar works together with the human body, making it difficult to lose fats.

  • Healthy and nutritious snacks like jelly sandwiches are named as food that you may eat daily. These foods are free of added sugar and they are jam-packed with nutrients that promote weight loss.

What we really like about this program is that it comes with different, helpful ideas that can help a lot in terms of weight loss. It provides a thorough explanation behind the reason why one cannot lose weight though he or she has been doing everything possible to achieve weight loss goals, such as eating healthier meals and exercising for longer hours.

What Does 6 Minutes to Skinny Include?

Have a look at the things covered by this weight loss program:

  • Comprehensive Program Manual – this manual serves as a complete guide for the program. This book will make you even more familiar to the system and it also talks about fat loss practices and tips, and the ways it can be applied to your daily life. It is a complete guide for 6 Minutes to Skinny and you can go back and review what you have learned from it anytime.

  • A Follow-along Video Manual – it is a video manual that contains various movement patterns. These outlines do not just invigorate you but they also play an important role in improving your metabolism. All of these are brief videos so all you need to do is just play and follow along.

  • 7-day Fast Start Manual – to begin with a new program can bring confusion to anybody. It is the reason why this book comes with precise directions for your first week in the program. Just copy-paste the instructions provided and apply them one by one.

  • Recipe Book – as said before, this program does not reflect on having tasteless and uninteresting food. To aid you in prepare delightful foods quickly, 6 Minutes to Skinny comes with 2-minute breakfast meals. This recipe book comes with 35 mouth-watering breakfast shake recipes so as to help you begin your day right.

  • Nutrition Guide – 6 Minutes to Skinny also comes with a comprehensive food guide which will assist you in preparing delectable foods not just for you but for your loved ones also.

Who Could Buy and Benefit from This Weight Loss Program?

Almost anybody can use and reap the advantages that this program can provide. As said earlier, 6 Minutes to Skinny is primarily designed for those people including those busy mothers who do not like or cannot spend too much time working out. We bought this program and we really like it because it requires all users to spend only 6 minutes on exercise every day. This is one thing that makes 6 Minutes to Skinny a great choice for those health-conscious people with hectic daily schedules.

lose weightPros

  • Cheap and risk-free – this program costs $27 and it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so it is claimed to be a cheap and risk-free investment.

  • A collection of videos – coming with a series of short videos, this program will allow you to improve at your own pace. You can also tailor your progress in the course of the program. Select what best suits you and then you determine your point of investment.

  • Loads of additional content – this program comes with snack tips, exercises, shake recipes, diet information, and a cheat sheet to get the most out of it.

  • Fast and easy – those solutions that the program is providing to you can fit into your schedule, budget, and home. There is no need for having any expensive exercise equipment or a gym membership to start performing the exercises featured in this program. You can actually do them inside your bedroom and finish them in just some minutes.

  • Scientifically proven – compared to most “miracle” fat loss programs, the author gives citations to scientific research and medical journals to support his claims.


  • You need to trust the author – the biggest “disadvantage” with 6 Minutes to Skinny is how incredibly simple the ideas at the back of this program are. It is difficult to believe that the simple moves shown in the short videos can aid you to losing weight or that consuming a shake and spending some minutes on working out will stimulate your body to burn fats every day. You need to put your trust in Craig and the scientific research that he is using to create the program.

Final Verdict

We highly recommend this program. We have tried it and we found it easy to use. It comes with different ideas to help one burn fats effortlessly. 6 Minutes to Skinny is a risk-free program because it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. To sum it up, we think that 6 Minutes to Skinny is an incredible program to try today.



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