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This will be an honest, non-biased review of 5FigureDay, a product/system created by Bryan Winters. This review will provide a critical and thorough understanding of what it is, as well as what benefits it has for the people.

Writer’s Background

We are people who understand how to make money online and we clearly understand how it can be tough which is why a lot of products and procedures have been available online promising an easier way to make money online. We may live off commissions from the products we’ve reviewed, discussed and recommended, but what we care about is to give you an insight on what the product really is and to help you choose if it is best for you.

It is our goal to help you with your needs; this is why we have a strict code to only recommend you products that we know can make a real difference in your life to solve whatever problem it is that you have. Though many have fallen to scams and other fraudulent acts, we certainly do not wish to rip anyone off. We value honesty and we value the sincerity and goodness of people. For that, we’ve taken time and large effort to review the “5FigureDay” book of Bryan Winters and made sure that we can give you a full, critical review of what it is and what good it would bring you. This information will ultimately help you decide if the product is right for you or not.

The Facts about 5FigureDay System

Language: English

Cost: Starting fee of $1.00 per month, then continue for $27 or $97

Refund Policy: 60-day money back guarantee

Created by: Bryan Winters

Type of Product: Online list and commission building list system

Description of the 5FigureDay System

lead generationMaking money online is one of the things that many people do through the use of the internet. Somehow, people have learned that the internet can be used not just for communicating with people on the other side of the globe, but also for a lot more reasons. Through all these years, people discovered a lot of uses for the online world. It can be used for communication, entertainment, advertisement, business, and a lot more. With all these things, what people have really discovered is that they can use the internet to make money. One of the ways to make money online is through the use of an online mailing list. How? The 5FigureDay system of Brian Winters can tell you.

The 5FigureDay system is an online commission building system. It is a system for lead generation designed to help you make a massive email list and then continue doing so while gaining commissions through Clickbank on auto pilot. Its mastermind is Bryan Winters, a well-known figure in the online world who is known for creating trustworthy and great products. He’s created the program, all the ideas, and all the content that it contains. He really created a system that will not only help make mailing lists and generate huge sales, but the system can also benefit others.

5FigureDay works simple and easy. Its great value lies on giving away free websites that others can use to generate traffic and leads. These free websites, as well as the capture pages, are all highly converting and configurable. With the fact that Bryan is well-known for his products, many people are impressed and have started to promote the system right away.

The websites are configurable to any autoresponder, but you can also choose not use it and instead just download the leads that you want. What we like about this mailing list system is that the more you refer the system to others through giving away free websites, the more you are able to build your mailing list while helping those people generate leads for themselves.

How does it exactly work?

The 5FigureDay commission generation system works simple. First, you will have to purchase a membership. The system has a limited offer of only $1.00 instead of the usual $27.00. This will be your starting fee so that you will be able to access all the features and benefits of the product/system. Once you become a paid member, you will gain access to 2 websites—one for your mailing list and the other is used for offering free websites.

The first website is called “Unleashed Website 1.0.” It is designed for you to be able to offer free websites to people in return for their opt-in. When these people become a free member, they will also gain access to the same “unleashed” website that you used. They will be able to use it to build their mailing list just like you.

What we really like about it is the fact that in the 5figureday lead generation system, the very moment that your free member promotes their 5figureday website in order to build their list, their leads will fall to 2 subscriber lists—theirs and yours. This means whenever your free member promotes their website through offering free websites just as you did before it is not just their site that generates leads, but also yours. It is essentially a kind of network marketing for list building.

The “unleashed” website is the secret behind the “Auto Pilot List Building.” As the name suggests, it means that you automatically receive leads for your website whenever your free members get even 1 opt-in on their website. Though it is only one, if ever you have a hundred or so members, it will mean that you will be able to get a lead every hundred or so. It is really such a great way to generate leads and generate sales for your website very easily.

These features are essentially the beauty of the 5FigureDay System by Bryan Winters. It is what impresses people and gets them hooked to the system, so that they start to upgrade from the trial period to promoting their own websites right away.

commission generation with 5figuredayBenefits of 5FigureDay System for the paid member

Being a paid member of the 5FigureSystem will give you access to a wide range of benefits which will be a huge help to your site and will be your stepping stone to get loads of leads and commissions.

  • As a paid member, you will be receiving a “Reloaded” website every month—a high converting page.

  • You will receive autopilot leads as well.

  • You will also have free access to 5FigureDay’s “Instant Traffic Boot Camp” where you will get extra training on how you can get members traffic to their reloaded websites.

“Instant Traffic Boot Camp”

The “Instant Traffic Boot Camp” is one of the benefits where you can get extra training when it comes to getting members to have more traffic for their websites. We personally love this part of the product/system because it shows that Bryan Winters really cares about his members. It clearly shows that he wants them to experience the same thing he did when he was just starting. “Instant Traffic Boot Camp” includes:

  • 9 videos that provide training, as well as testimonials that 5FigureDay truly works

  • 8 high-quality copywrite emails you can use to promote your websites

  • Banner ads as well as other short ads for either Facebook or Twitter

  • More than that, you also get paid traffic places and free strategies for generating leads. Here are some of the free strategies:

  • Video marketing

  • Blogging and article submission

  • Social media marketing

  • Ezines, and other article submission sites

  • Tested strategies with Ad swap, etc.

Our Impression

Everything stated above clearly shows what 5FigureDay can do. It’s a promising marketing strategy and leads-generating system that can help you drive traffic to your website. What we really like is the fact that it costs so low for you to become a member, but you get huge benefits. It is really worth more than the price that it will cost for you. Moreover, once you become a paid member, you can easily promote your website to others and when they return an opt-in, they automatically become a member for free.

This starts the autopilot leads that the members get every time a member promotes and gets a lead to their site. As everyone can see, it is a great way of boosting your business and it can literally bring in tons of money for you. However, just like other marketing strategies, this isn’t necessarily ideal for everyone. You will still have to think things through and decide if this will work on the type of business that you have.

In any case, we still love this program by Bryan Winters. It is virtually easy and fast in generating traffic and leads. It’s great that it has autopilot which can literally boost your leads in no time. It is low cost plus it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. With all these, we highly recommend that you get yourself a membership of 5FigureDay system and see for yourself how it can boost your leads massively. Get it now!




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